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Sticky Brick Runt

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The Sticky Brick Runt is another beautiful flame-powered vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs. You still won't need batteries or chargers to produce that characteristic natural high, the Runt is made of wood and glass and is assembled with the aid of only two magnets and O-rings. Just put a (torch) lighter to the flame intake and taste those terpenes!

In some ways, the three brick Runt resembles the OG Brick although it is slightly smaller. The Runt features one important difference: a slider connects both halves of the wooden unit make it easier to assemble and gives the vaporizer more stability.

With the Runt, Sticky Brick Labs also introduces the restrictor disc. This metal disc reduces the chances of burning the insides of the vaporizer and enables you to use bigger flames. The restrictor disc fits under the flame intake. The Runt ships with one of the restrictor discs in place, which you also can remove if you like the old-fashioned direct hits.

The Sticky Brick Runt vaporizer is easy to handle and you can obtain a real personalized experience with repeated use. The long Pyrex mouthpiece provides you with a comfortable position to take that perfect hit.

Handmade in the U.S. from specially selected wood. Prepare for a natural and clean high!

Sticky Brick Runt dimensions

  • Wooden basis: 7.7 x 7.7 cm
  • Total height with mouthpiece: 15 cm

How to use the Sticky Brick Runt?

  1. Remove the brick with the intake to open the chamber
  2. Load your cannabis into the chamber
  3. Reassemble the bricks
  4. Adjust the heat intake and mouthpiece to your preferred position
  5. Aim the torch flame into the heat intake with the outer flame hitting just the inside of the glass
  6. Cover the carb hole (the lower opening on the side) and draw slowly
  7. After you finish drawing open the carb and remove the torch
  8. Stir the weed between draws if needed

 Tips & tricks

  • When using the restrictor you may need to increase the flame size
  • Use the included carb cork to close off the carb and free a hand for operation
  • Do not cover the air intake (the upper opening on the side). It provides continuous airflow that is needed for operation
  • The glass heat intake is hot, do not touch immediately after use
  • You can connect the Sticky Brick Runt to a 14.4 mm glass tool with the U-Joint Water Pipe Adapter

Sticky Brick Runt maintenance

The body of the Sticky Brick Runt is made of natural wood which needs occasional cleaning to keep its beauty. Gently clean the wood components with a cotton swab and warm water. Let it dry. Never use ISO alcohol. Condition with Sticky Brick butter.

Glass components and screens should be removed from the unit and cleaned with ISO alcohol.

When reassembling the Brick insert the O-rings first to create a better seal.

What’s in the box

  • Sticky Brick Runt vaporizer
  • Torch lighter (ships empty)
  • 2 carb corks
  • 2 stainless stir sticks
  • 2 wooden sticks
  • 6 screens
  • 2 restrictor discs
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