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“There’s something in the fog!” And in this case, it’s not a ghost ship with some angry deceased dudes. It's some extremely smooth, delicious vapour. The XVAPE Fog hybrid vaporizer turns your herbs and concentrates into the smoothest, tastiest vapour imaginable.


The XMAX Fog is a hybrid vaporizer that combines some conduction with a lot of convection heating. This allows for more even heating of your material and produces big clouds of extremely tasty, aromatic flavour. It allows you to taste the whole range of flavours your herb has to offer, all the way through your session. 

The Fog has a stainless steel chamber and a metal body. It contains no plastic-y parts or any materials that could otherwise interfere with the vapour quality.


The XVAPE Fog has a replaceable battery, which makes it super easy to take this vape to a festival, party, road trip or a small cursed beach-town - without having to charge it. Just swap the battery and you’re all good.

A tiny light is located right above the USB-insert. When you switch the vaporizer on, the colour of the light indicates how full your battery is.

  • Green = full
  • Blue = medium
  • Red = you should probably charge


We can't think of anything that's easier than operating the XVAPE Fog. It only has one button that can be used to select your preferred temperature setting, and to switch the device on and off. Five tiny LED-lights at the front of the XVAPE Fog indicate the temperature. The Fog offers five different temperature settings: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C and 220°C. This vape heats up in about 40 seconds. A fully charged battery, when used on a medium temperature setting, lasts for about one hour.

The XMAX Fog is not picky: it works with both herbs and concentrates - just use the concentrate pad and the highest temperature setting.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 XMAX Fog
  • 1 2600 mAh Samsung battery
  • 1 Charging cable
  • 1 Concentrate pad
  • 1 Packing tool
  • 1 Small cleaning tool
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 Tweezer
  • 1 Manual


There have been some issues with certain batches of the XMAX Fog. We guarantee that we sell the updated version with correct insulation.

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