Storz & Bickel filling set for 40 dosing capsules

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The Storz & Bickel dosing capsule is a small innovation that makes life so much easier. But how to fill a large amount of these capsules without spilling a huge amount of weed all over the place? The filling set for 40 dosing capsules lets you plan way ahead and ensures a spill free packing experience thanks to the clever design and the addition of some handy tools. Storz & Bickel even threw in a huge herb mill to grind your prize winning buds. To top it all off the digital scale can be used to compare the weight of the capsules. Vape like a lab technician: clean and precise.

Storz & Bickel filling set for 40 dosing capsules content

  • 1 Filling device
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Plunger
  • 1 Herb Mill XL (approx. Ø 90 mm)
  • 1 Magazine with 8 dosing capsules
  • 40 Dosing capsules
  • 1 Scale

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English review (Nederlandstalige beoordeling onder de Engelstalige):

Bought this set with my Mighty. It makes it pretty easy to quickly and cleanly fill 40 capsules with about 0,15gr of dry herbs each and/or a few drops of liquid. Please note that this set contains 40 dry herb capsules, so the liquid pads required for use with capsules (which are slightly smaller than regular liquid pads) are not included in this set. So, if you use liquids, remember to purchase capsules for liquids as well (or just the liquid pads for capsules).

New Mighty vapes come with a free capsule (mine did at least), so new users should be familiar with the huge benefit of using capsules; the Mighty oven remains 99% clean! So, the only thing left to clean periodically, is the condensed vape in the cooling unit.

Nederlandstalige beoordeling:

Ik heb deze set met mijn Mighty gekocht. Met deze set kun je gemakkelijk, snel en schoon 40 capsules vullen met 0,15gr droge kruiden per capsule en/of enkele druppels vloeistof. Deze set bevat 40 capsules voor droge kruiden, dus wil je vloeistoffen gebruiken dan dien je losse capsules voor vloeistoffen te kopen (of losse druppelkussens voor capsules). De druppelkussens voor de capsules zijn iets kleiner dan de standaard druppelkussens.

Nieuwe Mighty vapes bevatten een gratis capsule (dat was iig bij mij zo), dus nieuwe gebruikers kennen het grote voordeel van capsules; de oven van de Mighty blijft voor 99% schoon! Het enige dat je periodiek moet schoonmaken is de gecondenseerde damp in de koeleenheid.

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