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The Puffco Peak is a game changer. The vaporizer that makes vaping concentrates effortless and stylish too.

¿Estás curioso con el de los concentrados pero te intimidan los nails y los rigs? Puffco presenta la solución: un elegante vaporizador-boligrafo.

Puffco Plus - updated - 89,78 $

¿Quieres llevar tu stash donde quiera que vayas, de manera súper discreta?

1 pieza - 14,21 $

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Quién no quiere una herramienta de carga que sea tan elegante como su vaporizador?

1 pieza - 12,50 $
Spare UBS charger with cable and EU plug for the Puffco Peak.
1 pieza - 33,53 $
Replacement atomizer for the Puffco Peak vaporizer.
1 pieza - 56,26 $
Collection of colourful glass ball caps with a tether to secure it to your Puffco Peak. Choose your favourite and stir every drop of concentrate towards your lungs.
Package with three extra ceramic bowls for the Puffco Peak concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 22,16 $

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Produce clouds with the Puffco Peak that will eclipse the sun thanks to the carb cap and tether.
Give your Puffco Peak experience some extra colour with one of these amazing glass pieces.
Changing the glass piece of your Puffco Peak? Keep it safe with this heavy weight stand.
1 pieza - 56,26 $
Dabbing on the move just got a lot easier with this travel pack for the Puffco Peak. Keep everything in place until you reach your blastoff destination.
An original spare or replacement chamber (atomizer) for the Puffco Plus concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 27,84 $
Enable Super...Charge! That's right, this incredibly small charger has you puffing away in no time.
1 pieza - 10,80 $
We know why your lost your Puffco Plus battery. No need to panic, you'll be busting concentrates in no-time thanks to this spare battery.
updated version - 67,05 $
The Puffco Dart was designed for durability and with regular cleaning you'll have no trouble getting months of usage out of your Dart.

Add extra grip, style and comfort to the Puffco Plus vaporizer with these  durable silicone grips. 

1 set (4 piezas) - 10,80 $
Replacement or spare mouthpiece and splash guard for the Puffco Plus.
The Puffco Prism is a storage solution designed specifically to fit the needs of the modern day, dabbing enthusiast. It is an excellent addition to your Puffco Plus vaporizer.

This light-weight concentrate case by Puffco holds all your dabs and is the perfect companion for on the go.

1 pieza - 27,84 $

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