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A simple solution for those adventurous souls that want to use the Grasshopper on a bong with an 18mm downstem.
1 pieza - 7,89 $

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The innovative USB charger for your Grasshopper is totally unique. Hook it on that amazing pen vaporizer and charge away.
1 pieza - 59,47 $
Never be without a working Grasshopper with this extra rechargeable battery.
1 pieza - 15,17 $

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Keep your Grasshopper batteries from discharging with these clever battery caps.
1 pieza - 1,82 $
Loading your Grasshopper just got a lot easier with this funnel. It's a perfect fit!
1 pezzo - 7,89 $
Ready for some huge draws while using your Grasshopper? The big hole on the front-end makes serious inhalations a reality.

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