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Información del producto

Getting into cannabis concentrates? The G Pen Roam is a stylish and easy to use vaporizer that will get you intensely high.

Vaping concentrates used to be niche and messy. No more. The Roam makes getting high on concentrates foolproof and clean. This way you can easily share your green loot with your friends. It's intuitive to use and you can disassemble the unit in parts for some thorough cleaning. So get ready to roam through the alleys of your mind, you won't regret it!

G Pen Roam characteristics

No frills, plenty of thrills. The Roam features a minimalistic modular design with a durable aluminium body. All the important parts can easily be detached and cleaned (or replaced.) It's a nice vaporizer to hold, especially seasoned concentrate vapers will be surprised by its simplicity. Lovers of exact temperatures will rejoice as the Roam features full temperature control between 315 °C and 425 °C. Yes, it's made for melting concentrates, don't put any grass in the Roam because it will turn into ash instantly.

The atomizer is all quartz which produces fast and tasty clouds. As it is a core component Grenco Science came up with extra protection in the form of a silicone housing. The atomizer can be removed from the housing for cleaning. The extremely warm vapour will pass through the glass hydro tube. Here water will cool the vapour resulting in a smooth but dense hit. Be prepared, it will blow your socks off. Also, be careful with filling the water reservoir, a line shows the maximum amount of water you'll need. Be a good kid and don't exceed that line.

The full LED display is in keeping with the minimalistic design. It informs the user on the exact temperature and battery life. That's it. Time to donate your dab rig to the Museum of Vaporizers and enter the future of concentrate vaping with the G Pen Roam.

G Pen Roam instructions

  1. Fill the glass tube with water up to the mark
  2. Place a small amount of concentrate in the chamber
  3. Activate by press the power button five times in quick succession
  4. Select a temperature.with the power button
  5. Press the power button twice to start heating
  6. You will feel the unit vibrate once the chosen temperature is reached
  7. Inhale from the mouthpiece
  8. You can also start heating by holding the power button until it reaches your preferred temperature

Cleaning the Roam

The G Pen Roam works best when you keep her tidy. Thanks to the characteristics of concentrates this can be a bit of a chore. Still, try to clean your Roam after each session to ensure optimal taste and to avoid clogging. Cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol help you with scrubbing the atomizer, tank cover and mouthpiece. Don´t forget to wipe the glass water tank and the silicone air tube at the back of the battery.

What’s in the box

1 G Pen Roam battery
1 G Pen Roam quartz tank
1 G Pen Roam glass tube
1 G Pen Roam mouthpiece
1 G Pen tool
1 Micro USB charging cable

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