Focusvape liquid pod

Focusvape liquid pod

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The Focusvape is not compatible with oil. However, if you use this liquid pod, it suddenly is... It's a kind of magic!

Just fill the Focusvape liquid pod with your favourite oil, close the pod and put it in the chamber. Turn the Focusvape on (it's advised to use a high temperature setting), and enjoy vaping!

Another great thing about the liquid pod is the option to pre-load it, and just put it in the chamber of your Focusvape whenever you feel like vaping - which is great if you like to use your vaporizer on the go. It also gives you the option to easily switch from liquids to herbs.

The Focusvape liquid pod is made of stainless steel. It's compatible with all Focusvape models. 

Please note: this pod is only compatible with oils and waxy concentrated. Do not use with e-liquid!

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