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El DaVinci IQ2 es un hermoso vaporizador portátil lleno de tecnología inteligente. Un vaporizador completo que te hace parecer un genio.
The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer looks familiar but this handy little fellow will definitely surprise your taste buds.
This U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically built for the Ascent vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands free use of loose leaf or oils.
The custom made straight water tool adapter lets you hook up your Ascent vaporizer to any bong with a 14 mm or 18 mm fitting, for a much cooler and…
Este burbujeador es una brisa fresca para los verdaderos aficionados de la vaporización. Basta de gargantas doloridas debido a las altas temperaturas del vapor. Este accesorio es compatible con múltiplos…
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With this convenient car charger, you'll always be ready to vape! Can be used with the DaVinci and Ascent vaporizer.
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Tapa de reemplazo para la cámara superior del DaVinci.
1 pieza - 7,91 $
The Flexi-Straw is the standard mouthpiece/whip that comes with every DaVinci Vaporizer. It can easily be attached onto the top of the vaporizer.
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Are you getting annoyed by always having to plug your vaporizer into your computer when it needs charging? Just connect your DaVinci IQ to this universal USB-adapter using your own…
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Want to recharge your DaVinci IQ? It's always a good idea to have an extra USB cable with you.

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This universal USB car charger works on the DaVinci IQ, but also on any other device that charges through USB.
1 pieza - 9,13 $
Give your DaVinci IQ the love it deserves by keeping it clean with this accessory kit. Another smart choice that ensures optimal taste.
1 pieza - 15,21 $
Nice little glass bubbler for cooling the vapor of your DaVinci IQ on the go.
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You can effortlessly hook up a DaVinci IQ to your favourite water tool with the extended mouthpiece adapter.
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The all-important glass spacers for the DaVinci IQ. Reduce the volume of your bowl when you're vaping solo.

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Stylish and very efficient power bank to complement your DaVinci IQ (spoiler: it also works with other devices)

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Connect your DaVinci IQ to any water pipe with a 14 mm connection (which is practically every water pipe).
1 pieza - 17,65 $
The official red battery for your DaVinci IQ and IQ2. Just keep on vaping and vaping.
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Low battery and missing a charger? No longer with a replacement DaVinci IQ Battery Charger.
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Set of 6 dosing pods with protective sleeves for precise loading of your DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer.
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