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Con tantas hierbas para vaporizar, tener un contenedor decente para almacenamiento es casi un deber. Nuestra selección de contenedores de almacenamiento contiene productos herméticos y a prueba de olor para hierbas, así como soluciones de almacenamiento fáciles para aceites y otros líquidos.

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Always be prepared for the perfect hit with your ArGo vaporizer thanks to the stylish Pre-Load & Go Case.
1 pieza - 98,61 $
Complete the Arizer lifestyle with one of these glass jars to store your weed.
These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit. Cleaning your bong just became a lot tidier.
Convenient silicon ball for storing all your oily or waxy vaping material.
1 pieza - 5,25 $

Producto agotado

Don't you hate spilling your precious herbs when loading your Haze Dual V3? The Easy Load Tool fixes that problem for good.
- 4,67 $

Extra storage jar that can be placed in the HydroBrick Maxx. Your stash will always be right in front of you!

1 pieza - 7,59 $

Five brand new corks for your HydroBrick Maxx storage jar.

1 pieza - 5,25 $

Replacement gaskets to shock-proof your Classic JyARz.

1 pieza - 7,59 $3,79 $
Hold different kinds of stash in this stylish ceramic container. Take it out, put it in your Linx vaporizer: get high!
1 pieza - 12,25 $
These modern designed mini containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof.
These mini containers of modern design are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. They are solid, so nobody finds out what’s inside. Practical!
With all this smoking comes all this stuff. Taking smoking paraphernalia, pipes, herbs and/or vaping accessoires with you can be a hassle. This sturdy and long-lasting Removable Pod by Ryot…
1 pieza - 5,25 $2,63 $
How to safely transport your vaporizer with some recreational herbs and not alert everybody to your presence? Ryot offers all the protection you need.
Las cápsulas de dosificación de Storz and Bickel están diseñadas para mantener la cámara de tu vaporizador absolutamente limpia.
1 box (40 pieces) - 14,88 $

Producto agotado

Recámara de Storz and Bickel con 8 cápsulas de dosificación, como una pistola con balas, pero para tu vaporizador y para colocarte.
1 pieza - 6,71 $
What to do with spent material from your stem or whip style vaporizer? Spit it out my friend. Spit it into the universal The Vape Spittoon to be more specific. 
1 pieza - 33,84 $

Producto agotado

These innovative containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and tobacco. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof.
These modern designed containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. It could be your next essential for any party, festival, hiking trip,…
A fancy magnetic thing to hold your VapCap as well as vaping material? Hell yes.
Vitavac is the smallest version of the Tightvac, easily fitting into your pocket or purse. Airtight, smell proof & water resistant.
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