AdditiveFeeding Enhancer

AdditiveFeeding Enhancer

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AdditiveFeeding Enhancer by Green House is a blend of humic acids, seaweed extract, Trichoderma harzianum strains and Bacillus subtilis. The additive increases the vitality of the plant, enhances the uptake of nutrients and improves the quality of the soil.

How to use

Mix AdditiveFeeding Enhancer with water and add it to the plants when watering, once every two weeks. Can be used during the whole cycle (vegetative growth and flowering). Use the BioEnhancer after transplant for better root development. Always use within 24 hours after mixing.


  • Watering: 0,5-1g/L water every two weeks
  • Foliar application: 3-5g/10L
  • Seed treatment for germination: 0,5-1g/L water

Available in bags of 125 gram, 500 gram and 1 kilogram.

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