Northern Lights Automatic (White Label) feminized

10715 White Label (Sensi Seeds)

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Enjoy the classic Northern Lights in an easy to grow format with these feminized auto-flowering seeds. The flavour and potent effect of the original Northern Lights are blended with the compact structure and rapid flowering ability of the finest new auto-flowering cannabis types to produce a superb new member of the Northern Lights group, capable of completing the entire growth process from germination to harvest without the need for a change in light cycles.

As a potent Indica, Northern Lights Autoflowering Feminized cannabis seeds produce robust plants that remain short with a relatively large yield of solid buds. The distinctive flavour of traditional Northern Lights is given a refreshing twist by bright citrus topnotes; the effect is powerful, dissolving muscle tension and creating a feeling of profound relaxation. Although easy enough to be grown by novices, when consumed, this variety lives up to the legendary reputation of Northern Lights as a variety to be treated with respect!

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Floración: Media
Número de semillas: 3, 5
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Seed bank: Sensi Seeds White Label
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
Tipo de semillas: Autofloreciente(s)
Indoor flowering time: 48
Seed Bank: White Label (Sensi Seeds)
Composición: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Efecto: body, physical, powerful
Genética: Northern Lights x Ruderalis
Sabor / Olor: Citrus, earthy