Ibiza Farmer's (Super Strains) feminized

Ibiza Farmer's (Super Strains) feminized

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Ibiza Farmer's is a new strong strain by Super Strains which combines the best of two worlds. With a relatively short vegetative phase, she grows like a Sativa, noticeable in the long stretch when flowering. This flowering phase starts slowly but eventually big sweet flowers are built in the numerous nodes. Outdoors and dry, not too cold, the southern climate is preferred since the harvest period is late October to late November. It’s a genetic variety with not too long, wide leaves which can be present in abundance.

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Floración: Media
Número de semillas: 3, 5
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Tipo de semillas: Feminizada(s)
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Outdoor harvest: Mid October
Nivel de CBD: Medio
Nivel de THC: Alto
Altura de la planta: Media
THC promedio: 21
Indoor flowering time: 65
Average indoor yield: 650
Altura promedia: 180
Seed bank: SuperStrains
CBD: 2