Sticky Fingers (Seedstockers) feminized

Sticky Fingers (Seedstockers) feminized

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Sticky Fingers is perhaps the finest and most potent cannabis variety in the Seed Stockers collection.

Sticky Fingers (Seedstockers) characteristics

Cannabis Cup winning Sticky Monkey (Gorilla Glue genetics) was crossed with a special ‘Thin Mint’ Girl Scout Cookies. The ‘Thin Mint’ GSC phenotype hybridisation ensures extreme THC levels of up to 25%. The combination of Sticky Monkey with GSC delivers one of the best modern hybrids we have seen. These USA genetics are easy to grow and show a blend of indica/sativa genetics with some of the stickiest and most resinous buds you have seen. Concentrate lovers will find this to be one of the most productive varieties available. The high is devastatingly powerful, these buds are resin soaked and leave your fingers sticky as you break them open. Fresh fruity aromas combine with rich hash, sweet cookies and hints of mint/pine. Usually, she reaches 1-1.25 meter in length and takes around 9 weeks in bloom with big, compact buds in XL quantities.

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  • + A-klasse zaden

    Top seeds ook al ogen ze in eerste ik instantie anders. Jammer dat ik reviews hier niet kaan editen dus dan maar zo.



    • + Prachtige SS stickers
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    Low quality seeds. In feite dus het duurste pakje vloei dat ik tot nu toe heb besteld.

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    Indica/Sativa: Equilibrada
    Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
    Tipo de semillas: Feminizada(s)
    Número de semillas: 5
    Nivel de THC: Alto
    Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
    Altura de la planta: Media
    THC promedio: 25
    Seed bank: SeedStockers
    Efecto: very powerful
    Genética: Sticky Monkey x Girl Scout Cookies
    Sabor / Olor: fruity, cookies, mint, pine