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Chocolate Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) feminizadas

Chocolate Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) feminizadas

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Chocolate Haze by Royal Queen Seeds is a tasty genetic miracle, bred to grow strong and harvest early. Growers will delight in the ease and speed of production. The basis of this strain is an OG Chocolate Thai plant carefully bred with all-star Cannalope Haze. These hybrid specimens have a low resistance to mould so take care in their initial development. They are guaranteed to be feminized to ensure production.

A member of the Haze strain family, Chocolate Haze is a sativa-dominant seed. It's 95 percent sativa and 5 percent indica. Haze strains were originally bred in California in the 1970’s before they were shared with the rest of the world and popularized in Amsterdam. Chocolate Haze seeds have up to a 17 percent THC content and the high is very powerful, even for the most experienced smokers.

Experienced growers will reap 450 - 500 grams per plant in outdoor conditions when the harvest is dried. This resilient crop is easy to grow outdoors and should be ready in October to November. Because of its massive size, it's not recommended to grow indoors and this large, bushy plant is best taken care of by seasoned gardeners who will catch any infestation of mould early on. Indoors, it will reach 160 cm, but outdoors it can grow to 200 cm tall.

The smoke of this strain has been described as fruity, light and underlined with a strong chocolate flavour. It will linger in the air and dance across the room. Users have described feeling briefly transformed to the nostalgia of the 1980’s as they let the soft smoke engulf their lungs and the chocolate flavours dance on their tongues.

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Floración: Media
Altura de la planta: Media
Genética: OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
Efecto: Very high
Composición: 95% Sativa, 5% Indica
Altura promedia: 145
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
THC promedio: 20
Average outdoor yield: 475
Average indoor yield: 500
Nivel de THC: Alto
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Sativa
Indoor flowering time: 63
Nivel de CBD: Bajo
Outdoor harvest: End of October
Tipo de cannabis: Haze
Número de semillas: 3, 5
Tipo de semillas: Feminizada(s)
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Sabor / Olor: fruity, chocolate