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Skunk Auto (Strain Hunters) feminized

Skunk Auto (Strain Hunters) feminized

10817 Strain Hunters (Green House Seeds)

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The Skunk Autoflowering is an old-school Skunk crossed with a pure Ruderalis from Kazakhstan. The result is an outstandingly performing autoflowering, with extreme vigour and great production up to 80-100 grams of dried material per plant. The structure of the Skunk Autoflowering is branchy, with medium to large internodes. It is a medium-tall autoflowering, and it performs best when the plants are allowed to reach 90-120 cm of height. The Skunk Autoflowering stretches fast during the first two weeks of growth, developing strong branches and lush foliage. The leaves are dark green, thick, with overlapping leaflets.

The Skunk Autoflowering is ready in 9 weeks total crop time, with a flowering time of approximately 7 weeks. The aroma and flavour are very intense with a dominant earthy smell and a caramelized background. All the intense notes present in the aroma are translating very well after combustion.

The Skunk Autoflowering can take high EC levels, up to 2.0 during flowering. The plant is very robust, and does not suffer hot temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. The buds are slow to form during the first weeks of flowering, but develop very rapidly during the last few weeks, allowing growers to chose the ripeness of their harvest within a short time period at the end of the crop. The effect is fast hitting, intense, with a cerebral high followed by a mellow but long-lasting bodystoned side. The complexity of the effect is very similar to the original Skunk.

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Valoraciones de clientes para "Skunk Auto (Strain Hunters) feminized"


Nice Strain most of the seeds germinate .
It is a good skunk but I give it 4 stars because they get to small in soil ( indoors ).
A very nice high and it stunks!


Good auto-flower strain. It is resistent against mould other skunk's. Skunk is always a good choise, good genetics against diseases and they get strong. A good choise! 5/5 germinated and became nice girls :) . My experience is do not run on 12/12 in the start , I use 20-21h/24 the first weeks, after 4-5 nodes 12/12.


Salut ben voila sur 5 graine 1 germer pas tres content mes bn 1 qund meme qui pousse tranquil jvai comence la 2 ieme semaine de croissance voila . . . Et germination dans coton les 5 /5 1 seul germer une ptite reponce serait bien


Livraison en 24h super merci


Salut azarius petit question j ai commende 5 graine de celle si et je sui debutant j ai juste du fish mix bio bloom et top max comme engrais etc et une lampe de 250 watts pour 2 plante vous en pensez quoi

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Número de semillas: 3
Altura promedia: 105
Efecto: Strong high, long lasting, cerebral and body-like
Composición: 30% Sativa, 60% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
Seed Bank: Strain Hunters (Green House Seeds)
Seed bank: Green House Strain Hunters
Average outdoor yield: 90
Genética: Skunk x Ruderalis
Tipo de semillas: Autofloreciente(s)
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Altura de la planta: Media
Tipo de cannabis: Skunk
Indoor flowering time: 63
Average indoor yield: 800
Floración: Corta
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Sabor / Olor: Skunky flavor with notes of summer flowers and blossoms