Night Queen (Dutch Passion) feminized

Night Queen (Dutch Passion) feminized

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After an absence of 10 years Dutch Passion are pleased to announce the return of Night Queen. Night Queen was an original 1980’s Dutch Passion classic, around even before Dutch Passion became a registered seed company. Our 1987 catalogue describes Night Queen as a broadleaved Afghani Indica which was popular with hardcore stoners for the intense body stone. We upgraded Night Queen in 1997 but sales dropped as growers opted for the newer strains and hybrids which were being introduced at the time. Reluctantly Night Queen was withdrawn from our collection.

We have had many requests to bring Night Queen back and so we did. Our goal was to re-create an Indica which would meet the world class standards achieved by our multiple award winning Mazar. The outcome was a crystal covered, fast early flowering and typically indica variety which is easy to grow and resistant to pests and fungus. The new Night Queen is forgiving and very easy to take cuttings from, a perfect mother plant. She is short and will suit indoor growers looking at SOG/SCROG techniques. The name is an accurate one since most of the plants are a very dark green, almost black. The females are quite special, dark, beautiful and with heavy harvests of frosty, hard and dense bud growth – these are real Queens. High THC and CBD levels will appeal to medical growers, as will the very generous yields of over 500grams/m² under good conditions.

Night Queen is one of those rare genuine hash-plant smokes, a rich Afghani Indica heritage producing highly potent resin-frosted bud. Night Queen is a heavy yielder with all the earthy aromas you hope for in a top quality marijuana strain with the addition of some spicy flavours that the old-timers and connoisseurs will savour. The top class body stone remains a key feature of Night Queen, this is a second chance to get the best ever version of a 1980’s classic which is on the same high-end quality level as Mazar.

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Valoraciones de clientes para "Night Queen (Dutch Passion) feminized"



1 van de drie zaden uitgekomen . En de derde heeft het niet gehaald .

Dit in tegenstelling met jorge`s diamond :))) Deze staan er nog en groeien goed !



Also eine bisher wirklich ausgezeichnete sorte bildet viel seiten triebe und kommt gut mit hohen temperaturen und dünger gaben klar

Ich habe bei mir 2 Phänotypen bemerkt
Diese unterscheiden sich aber hauptsächlich durch die blätter die eine haben eindeutig breite Indica blätter und die andere Lange schmale sativa blätter
Höhen technisch sind sie etwa gleich hoch und von der produktion
bisher Sehr gut

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Floración: Media
THC promedio: 17.5
Número de semillas: 3
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Tipo de semillas: Feminizada(s)
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Altura de la planta: Pequeña
Nivel de THC: Medio
Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
Seed bank: Dutch Passion
Seed Bank: Dutch Passion
Indoor flowering time: 60
Average indoor yield: 500
Composición: 5% Sativa, 95% Indica
Efecto: Top class body stone
Sabor / Olor: Rich, earthy, spicy