Kuchi (Devil's Harvest)

Kuchi (Devil's Harvest)

19736 Devil's Harvest Seeds

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Cheese x OG Kush

Looking for something new to spice up your old library? Cheese meets San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush in this interesting new hybrid.

An original Cheese mother controls the fruity, tangy flavour with the Kush father driving home a devilish indica punch. Great for those with limited space or cultivation experience, the Kuchi is best suited for a SOG of around 20 plants per square metre. Harvest at around eight weeks for a sweeter flavour or up to ten weeks for a more powerful punch.

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Floración: Media
THC promedio: 21
Genética: Cheese x OG Kush
Efecto: devilish indica punch
Seed bank: Devil's Harvest
Seed Bank: Devil's Harvest Seeds
Composición: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Outdoor harvest: Mid September
Nivel de THC: Alto
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Indoor flowering time: 63
Número de semillas: 5
Dificultad de cultivo: Moderada
Tipo de cannabis: Kush
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Tipo de semillas: Feminizada(s)
Sabor / Olor: Sweet, fruity, tangy, lemon