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White Choco Autoflower (Amsterdam Genetics)

White Choco Autoflower (Amsterdam Genetics)

19725 Amsterdam Genetics

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White Choco Autoflower is an easy-to-grow, high-quality autoflower variety of our most sought after strain: White Choco. This well-balanced Indica / sativa-hybrid is the result of breeding the highly potent ‘White Russian’ with the delicious tasting ‘Chocolope’. With coffeeshops in the Netherlands unable to keep up with customers demand for this wonderful strain. White Choco has become one of our most successful strains to date.

White Choco Auto (Amsterdam Genetics) characteristics

These autoflower seeds develop into stable, resinous plants with an amazing taste and extraordinary yield. Crossing this beauty with a Ruderalis-plant for her autoflower traits has taken nothing away from the taste and effect from the strain. Therefore White Choco Autoflower provides the same unique taste and intense body buzz of her mother: White Choco.

Partly due to its high fungal resistance, this strain is very resistant to cold and humid nights.

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White Choco Autoflower (Amsterdam Genetics) Questions


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Floración: Media
CBD: 0.5
Genética: White Choco x Ruderalis
Efecto: strong bodybuzz
Composición: 70% Indica / 20% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
CBN: 0.08
Seed bank: Amsterdam Genetics
Indoor flowering time: 65
Tipo de semillas: Autofloreciente(s)
THC promedio: 18
Número de semillas: 3, 5
Tipo de cannabis: White
Dificultad de cultivo: Fácil
Nivel de CBD: Bajo
Nivel de THC: Medio
Indica/Sativa: Predominancia Indica
Ambientes adecuados: Interior/exterior
Sabor / Olor: sweet, spicy, chocolate