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CBD CBTea sampler (CBDirective)

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CBTea Blended CBD Tea Sampler presents an easy way to discover the complete CBTea line by CBDirective. CBTea consists of premium quality, organically sourced tea blends with a pleasurable dose of CBD. The four tea blends, Green Jasmine, Orange Pekoe, Chakra Chai and Royal Winter’s Dream are now available as one package so you can discover which taste you prefer in combination with the effects of CBD. Or perhaps you just like a bit of variation when you put the kettle on. In any case, make tea, not war.

Contents: 10 x 3 g tea bags consisting of 3x Jasmine, 3x Chai, 3x Orange, 1x Royal Winter’s Dream

Blended in the EU.

How to use?

Steep 1-2 bags in a pot and keep warm for 10 minutes. Add coconut oil for better CBD bio-availability.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the most important components found in cannabis. CBD has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects but is at the forefront of the cannabis revolution thanks to the many beneficial effects claimed by research and users.

CBTea Sampler Ingredients

Chakra Chai: Hemp (40%), cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamom, curcuma, rose petals & caraway. All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Green Jasmine: Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp (45%), high-grade Chinese jasmine green tea (55%). All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Orange Pekoe: Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp (45%), the finest tippy golden flower orange pekoe (55%). All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC
Royal Winter’s Dream: Full-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp (40%), Pu Erh Chinese tea, cinnamon sticks, apple, orange peels, natural (cinnamon & orange) flavouring, hazelnut, walnut, clove, cardamon. Certified Organic. 0% THC

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