Bolivian torch (Echinopsis lageniformis) monstrose

Bolivian torch (Echinopsis lageniformis) monstrose

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The Echinopsis lageniformis var. monstrose is one of the mutant varieties of E. lageniformis, a type B variant. It’s characterized by a smooth upright stem devoid of spines, not unlike a cucumber. The resemblance to a penis has given it the nickname penis plant or dick plant. The German nickname for this cactus is a bit more subtle; 'frauenglück', which translates to women’s joy.

The description ‘monstrose’ does not mean necessarily monstrous, as related to size, rather it’s a botanical term for abnormal growth. Like the regular cuttings, it's intended to be put into soil to be grown and is not recommended for immediate consumption.

If you’re a cactus aficionado, the Bolivian torch monstrose will serve as a great addition to your collection.

Bolivian torch var. monstrose growing

Unlike the regular Echinopsis lageniformis, this variety is a slow grower. It tends to cluster with smaller growth with regular spines at the base of one or several long branching stems up to about 30 - 35 cm.

It’s however fairly easy to grow. Watch out with direct sunlight during hot summers, as it could lead to sun burning. It’s best to place it in the shady part of the garden where it’s not exposed to the full sunlight the entire day. When the roots have fully grown it needs only a little bit of water. Standard cactus soil will do for growing this species.

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