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CBD Solid Pollen

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Do you want to experience hash-infused CBD of a 'solid' 5%? Now you can! We introduce CBD Solid Pollen by CBDLab. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the most important components found in cannabis. CBD has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects but is at the forefront of the cannabis revolution thanks to the many beneficial properties claimed by research and users. 

Read more about CBD in our encyclopedia.

Many users prefer smoking CBD over oral ingestion. CBD Solid is perfect for smoking and vaporizing (as long as you use a suitable vaporizer) - or even baking a "space"-cake if you're feeling experimental. 

Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp which contribute to the characteristic flavour, scent and colour of the plant. 

Every variety of these pressed CBD cubes is extracted from the pollen of certified organic EU hemp plants, so the consistency and CBD content of every type is the same. However, every version is enriched with the terpenes of a different popular cannabis strain. These strain-specific terpenes give off the flavour and aroma of the plant used. You can choose between Blueberry, Cheese and Mango Kush. 

Parents Afghani, Thai and Purple Thai have raised their strain-child well. Blueberry tastes, well, like blueberry with a little bit of cherry in the mix. Perfect for sweet tooths!

This popular strain stretches back to the 80s and is well-known for its sharply, sour aroma. This charmer is pungent, earthy and chees-y and said to descend from Skunk #1. 

This baby actually tastes like mango, with hints of other tropical fruits and a pine-y aftertaste. Its parents Mango and Hindu Kush have created a lush leaf. 

Each package contains 1g pollen  and features a laboratory report on the back.

Do not use while pregnant. Keep tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight. May induce drowsiness.

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1 Reseñas


  • Gets me sleepy, good for smoking before going (1)
  • The 1 gram you get is a lot, like 5-6 joints (1)
  • Makes the body more relaxed (1)


  • Maybe it could be a little bit cheaper (1)

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Daniel 2019-07-29

It's pretty neat. Doesn't taste like normal hash, but that's okay if you're not a smoker anyways. The flavor is ok too.

  • Gets me sleepy, good for smoking before going
  • Makes the body more relaxed
  • The 1 gram you get is a lot, like 5-6 joints
  • Maybe it could be a little bit cheaper

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