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Agartha by Super Strains combines the mouthwatering taste of Haze with the serene effects of CBD.

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Get ready to be flattened by the THC-banger Cookies Krush courtesy of Super Strains. The delicious taste makes this a great after dinner strain.

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Reveal if your sample really includes primary amines like PMA, MDA, DOx or MDPV with this handy EZ drug test.
Does your sample really include secondary amines like MDMA, Meth, PMMA or Mephedrone? The handy EZ drug test reveals all.
Spare metal connector for creating a seal between the G Pen Connect and the glass adapter.
1 pieza - 9,63 $
The G Pen Dash by Grenco Science fits every pocket. A small and easy-going vaporizer that will lighten up any occasion.
1 piece - 90,88 $
Spare mouthpiece to keep your G Pen Dash tasting super fresh.
1 pieza - 7,21 $
The next step in vaping concentrates. The G Pen Roam. No more dabs thanks to the integrated water filtration. Take a hit and pass it on.
1 pieza - 301,74 $
Spare battery for the G Pen Roam concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 169,59 $
Extra glass hydro tube for cooling the vapour of your G Pen Roam concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 36,29 $
Spare mouthpiece for your G Pen Roam concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 12,06 $
The Higher Standards snapback cap with American flag logo protects you against the sun in a super cool way.
1 pieza - 30,29 $
People from Ibiza, Ibiza wonderland! This new strain by Super Strains is an ode to the green fingers of that beautiful island.

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El gusto es un equilibrio perfecto entre los sabores dulces de la Nicole Kush y el popular sabor a hachís de Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant, con notas a…

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Saga CBD by Super Strains certainly is big when it comes to CBD. CBD levels are pushed to a new max in this very chill cannabis strain.

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