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Una variedad rica en CBD, consiguiendo un ratio de CBD/THC de 2:1.

5 semillas - 35,07 $

Kiss es sinónimo de buena y sabrosa marihuana. Huele a queso, ¡sin duda!

5 semillas - 35,07 $

La clásica Afghani #1 se ha actualizado en una variedad feminizada y autofloreciente que facilita la tarea aún más a los cultivadores novatos, expertos o de interior con poco espacio.
Whether you like to share your Arizer Air with others or just chew on it by yourself; an extra mouthpiece tip always comes in handy.

1 pieza - 3,02 $

You can protect your precious Arizer Solo II (and two aroma tubes) with this belt-clip carry case.

1 pieza - 13,91 $

Estas semillas feminizadas dan plantas vigorosas y fáciles de cultivar que florecen automáticamente y desarrollan cogollos grandes, sólidos y muy potentes.
A new, tasty way to get your energy kick. Straight from Amsterdam, the C+ muesli bar containing just the right amount of caffeine to achieve lift-off.

1 pieza - 3,57 $

Producto agotado

This is a cutting of the Cactus macrogonus, a rare member of the San Pedro family, which you can put in the earth to grow.
Tada! A slick vaporizer that is an e-cigarette as well.

- 23,58 $

This is the good old Dabstorm 2.0 we all know and love, but with some improvements that make it more durable and better looking.

1 pieza - 95,53 $

With this herb jar, you won't ever have to use those little annoying baggies to store your herb anymore.

1 pieza - 13,91 $

This airtight, smell-proof canvas carrying case will keep your accessories, herbs and vaporizer neatly packed together. You can also store any other DaVinci vaporizer in it.

1 pieza - 18,74 $

The DaVinci IQ comes standard with the IQ pearl. In case your cat decides to chase it all night, if it ends up somewhere under your couch or if it…

1 pieza - 9,07 $

Producto agotado

Your charging cable, your bubbler, your cleaning tools, your herb and the IQ vaporizer: you can store them all and take them on the go with this discreet, smell-proof soft…

1 pieza - 21,16 $

This universal USB car charger works on the DaVinci IQ, but also on any other device that charges through USB.

1 pieza - 10,28 $

Are you getting annoyed by always having to plug your vaporizer into your computer when it needs charging? Just connect your DaVinci IQ to this universal USB-adapter using your own…

1 pieza - 9,07 $

This mouthpiece is made of zirconia; a neutral tasting, ultra strong material. It comes with the DaVinci IQ. However, it's always handy to have a spare mouthpiece, so that you…

1 pieza - 9,07 $

Stirring your herbs, cleaning the heating chamber, removing the flavour chamber in a very painless and easy way: with this tiny tool for the DaVinci IQ, you can do it…

1 pieza - 6,05 $

Can't remember where you left the battery for your Dr Dabber Aurora? No need to buy a completely new unit, just get this replacement.

1 pieza - 47,76 $

Kanna you vape? Yes, you can, thanks to Ethno Vape which produces this amazing E-kanna. Get your e-cigarettes and vaporizers ready to feel the kanna kick.

5 ml - 25,39 $

Spare inlay for your Fenix Svaty mouthpiece.

1 pieza - 1,81 $

This powerful, practically indestructible device is completely packed with great extra functions. Does it vaporize herbs? Obviously. Wax and oil? No problem. Dabs? Check. Even a water filter is included.

1 pieza - 192,27 $

Pimp your Flowermate Swift Pro with this bubbler and enjoy smooth, aromatic vapour.

1 pieza - 23,58 $

Replacement glass ring for the Flowermate Swift Pro heating chamber.

1 pieza - 5,44 $

That’s a nice wooden box on your desktop. Open the lid and marvel at those buds, as fresh as the day they were picked and cured.
The Fum Box Mini is a cleverly designed pocket case which keeps your herbs safe and even helps with extraction on the go.
An incredibly stylish way to charge your incredibly stylish G Pen Elite.

1 pieza - 23,58 $

Five replacement filter screens for your G Pen Elite vaporizer

1 pieza - 5,44 $

Whether you're clumsy, completely baked or just cautious not to break it; this silicone sleeve will make your G Pen Elite more resistant.

1 pieza - 17,53 $

"What's that funny thing on your keychain?" No-one needs to know, but you and Snoop.

- 6,65 $

Let your mind shine like a new found treasure with Gold Rush. Your little helper for wild nights.

2 g - 17,53 $

Heavenly-E te ayuda a relajarte, a dejarlo todo de lado. La nueva fórmula Heavenly-E contiene mitragina extracto de hojas de kratom.

4 cápsulas - 11,49 $

Did you break or lose the injector for your Herborizer Ti? Or do you want to save one for a rainy day? You can order one here.

1 pieza - 15,12 $

At first sight, this 'Log Lady approved' vaporizer might look like a simple piece of wood. However, once it reveals its secret to you, it can produce the most epic…
Using a water tool with your HydroBrick Maxx gives you delicious, soft vapour. However, sometimes you might just want to take a hit straight away. This 18.8 mm mouthpiece allows…

1 pieza - 29,63 $

Two spare ones of each O-ring needed for the HydroBrick Maxx. The perfect solution for spaceheads!

1 pieza - 6,65 $

With this whip you can connect your HydroBrick Maxx to a water tool and let your Brick do what it does best: creating dense, delicious clouds of vapour for you.

1 piece - 29,63 $

This richly illustrated, comprehensive guidebook of hydroponic gardening will increase your indoor harvests to levels you never thought possible.
The best thing about varieties like AK-47 is that offer a short flowering time for a hybrid that mixes some very sativa-rich varieties. The Ortega parent in its genetic make-up…

5 semillas - 35,07 $

The mother of all vaporizers is here. With its metal casing, the Gaia by Linx feels really comfortable. The hybrid heating in combination with a glass mouthpiece produces vapours like…
These filter tips are the perfect choice for tobacco smokers who cherish their lungs.

1 pieza - 1,51 $

Master Kush Automatic tiene todas las características que diferencia a las indicas afganas. Estas semillas se convierten en plantas compactas, potentes y fáciles de cultivar que crecen en casi cualquier…
This unique and timely book arrives just as a growing number of states are authorizing the use of medical cannabis.
Do you want to play with wooden bricks again? And fire too! Then the beautifully crafted OG Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs will give you countless hours of joy.
Managed to break the glass mouthpiece of your OG Brick? Don't worry!

1 pieza - 23,58 $

Six extra O-rings for your OG Brick vaporizer.

1 pieza - 7,86 $

The OG Brick protects its glass parts like no other vaporizer. But perhaps you knocked it over when your favorite team scored? This glass kit has all the replacement parts…

1 pieza - 29,63 $

Vaporizing concentrates with the OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx is now possible with this converter.

1 pieza - 18,74 $

Cute glass pipe in the form of an elephant.

- 10,28 $9,25 $

Si quieres un híbrido indica gratificante, fácil de cultivar, autofloreciente, que destaca sobre el resto y pega fuerte, ¡elige Purple Bud Automatic!
Nuestra nueva variedad Purple Kush, es la variedad que proporciona a nuestro catálogo el color de los frutos silvestres gracias a su contraste de morados y verdes, ambos intensos.

5 semillas - 35,07 $

No, you're not tripping (at least, not yet). You're just looking at a really trippy bong that also happens to have some very cool features, like an ice catcher and…

- 29,63 $

What would happen if Urban Remo were to collaborate with Dinafem? That's right: a super potent plant with both medicinal and recreational qualities. Best of both worlds!

3 semillas - 33,86 $

Fashionable and easy to use for all of your smoking equipment.
“Take the best weed you ever had. Multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near it.” That's rosin right there for you. Make it yourself using these filter…

10 piezas - 7,86 $

Producto agotado

Nuestro híbrido súper resinoso Shiva Skunk es una de las variedades de dominancia indica más potentes y ya está disponible como variedad feminizada y autofloreciente.
Esta variedad sí que es “Pura Raza”, uno de los linajes más reconocidos por todos los cultivadores de Kannabia.

5 semillas - 35,07 $

The healthiest option in energy supplements there is comes in fruity flavours. Power to you!
Wood that fits in your pocket. Get your jokes ready. And your torch lighter for this portable wood and glass vaporizer straight from the Sticky Brick Labs.
The great Super Lemon Haze gets the CBD treatment, making it even smoother.
This practical handbook reveals new organic gardening techniques. A beautifully illustrated guide full of secrets and innovative tips.
Fancy walnut magnetic thing to hold your VapCap as well as vaping material? Hell yes.

1 pieza - 71,95 $

If you have a vaporizer as epic as the Volcano, it is obvious that you need a grinder that lives up to that standard. The Volcano herb mill XL does…

1 pieza - 11,79 $

Estas semillas feminizadas se convierten en plantas Skunk fuertes y autoflorecientes con cogollos cubiertos de resina blanca.
Many minor vaporizer-ailments can be fixed with this Xmax Starry cleaning set.

1 pieza - 3,02 $

Loved the XMAX Starry? Then you’ll absolutely dig the XMAX Starry V2! The V2 has several great new features: a stronger (2900 mAh battery), a cooler mouthpiece and a bigger…

1 pieza - 155,99 $

Spare magnetic mouthpiece for your XMAX Starry (second version).

1 pieza - 17,53 $

Connect it to your XMAX Starry and enjoy smooth, flavourful vapour.

1 pieza - 11,49 $

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