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¿Quién no ha erupcionado de risa después de colocarse con el Volcano? Prepárate para obtener unos highs aún mejores con el Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve.
1 pieza - 694,10 $
You can easily check the power level of the 18650 battery for your Arizer Air II or Go with this charge tester which comes with an extra battery.
1 pieza - 28,44 $
Perfect the ArGo experience with this small bubbler which produces soft as satin highs.
1 pieza - 16,83 $

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The frosted glass aroma tube connects your ArGo to 14 mm or 19 mm bongs and bubblers. Time to get really high.
Set of 5 replacement mouthpiece screens for the popular FlowerMate Slick vaporizer.
1 pieza - 2,90 $
Forgot to clean the atomizer of your Focus V Carta and don't have any time to remove all the concentrate goo? Get a shiny replacement and puff away!
1 pieza - 34,24 $
Use your Focus V Carta concentrate vaporizer to get high in the old school way with this dry herb atomizer.
1 pieza - 34,24 $
Two extra batteries for the Focus V Carta vaporizer. Keep those dab sessions going!
1 pieza - 28,44 $
Extra plastic carb cap helps you to control the airflow while vaping concentrates with the Focus V Carta.
1 pieza - 11,03 $
Forget to clean the glass top of your Focus V Carta and is it giving a swamp like taste? This replacement bubbler restores that clean taste.
1 pieza - 34,24 $
Take the Focus V Carta and your mind to the ultimate level thanks to the amazing original Helix glass piece. Get ready for mesmerizing hits.
1 pieza - 207,77 $
Soften the strong concentrate vapour of your Focus V Carta with the excellent Helix Pill glass bubbler. Enjoy those silky hits!
1 pieza - 172,95 $
Set of two quartz buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. Ensures even heating at high temperatures.
1 pieza - 19,15 $
Set of two titanium buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. These babies can take a hit.
1 pieza - 19,15 $
Quédate más high que nunca con el Focus V Carta, un dab rig portátil que vapea los concentrados de cannabis en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.
1 pieza - 289,02 $
Easy to use glass bubbler for even smoother vapour with your GHOST MV1 vaporizer.
1 pieza - 16,83 $
Do you want some extra weed on your soup, I mean, in your joint? Give the Weedmill a couple of turns and let the good stuff fall. Ready for use.
Serotonin is one of the most popular molecules for psychonauts. Wear a daily reminder thanks to this keychain in the form of the serotonin formula.
1 pieza - 11,03 $
Do you love Tetrahydrocannabinol as much as we do? It's the Happiness Molecule! Complete your stoner outfit with this cool THC Molecule keychain.
1 pieza - 11,03 $
Extra Zero atomizer for the Linx Blaze concentrate vaporizer.
1 pieza - 33,08 $
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