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The bubbler for FlowerMate mini v5.0 enhances the vapor flavour and cools it down making all in all smoother hits.

1 pieza - 16,79 $

Skip the terrible magic truffle tang with the the Acrylic grinder for Magic Truffles.

1 pieza - 2,90 $

Let a thousand flowers bloom with the help of this clever blend that enhances every aspect of the growing process.
AK-47 of course is a legend. Now Amsterdam Genetics sweetens the crowd-pleaser with a nice touch of chocolate.
Esta guía caracteriza todos los coffeeshops en Amsterdam, con una lista de mas de 200 sitios e incluye comentarios.

1 pieza - 8,69 $

Carry your vaporizer safely and discreetly with this soft shell case for the Arizer Air or Solo.

1 pieza - 28,37 $

One of the biggest selling vaporizers ever gets a long-awaited sequel which packs a number of interesting improvements.

Producto agotado

Celebrate the day of the dead all year round with this Calavera style Mexican skull ashtray.

1 pieza - 7,53 $

The most complete and in-depth book of the entire experience of Ayahuasca. A best-selling book in Germany, now translated into English.

Adelaars, et al, 310 pp - 31,85 $

An autoflowering plant with such an intense citric aroma that you can almost feel the taste of lemonade on a hot summer day.

3 semillas - 31,27 $

According to the legend, those who see the blue monkey will have a prosperous life. Perhaps smoking has the same effect.

3 semillas - 31,27 $

Boundless gets into the concentrate game with the CF 710. Looks small yet produces amazing clouds full of tasty molecules. Dab me crazy!
The solid Aluminum Chamber provides a more conduction experience to the full convection CFV unit.

1 pieza - 14,48 $

Set of 5 spare chamber screens for the Boundless CFV.

5 piezas - 6,95 $

Boveda's mission is clear: To protect, preserve, and optimize moisture sensitive products. Boveda 62% Humidity Control is specifically designed for the storage of herbal medicines.

8g - 1,74 $

Producto agotado

Bubbler for the FlowerMate V5.0S brings a new flavour to your vapor.

1 pieza - 16,79 $

A bath in Cannabis, dreams do come true. Well pretty close with the Cannabis bath salt by Palacio.

900g - 5,50 $

Cannabis milk for your skin, what will they think of next?

250ml - 4,92 $

The Cannabis Face Cream by Palacio, contains cold pressed hempseed oil which supports the revitalization of the skin.

50ml - 5,73 $

Cannabis Shampoo from Palacio is a nicely scented, shampoo enriched with high quality hempseed oil.

500ml - 5,21 $

Using a blend of Cannabis Sativa seed oil and coconut oil, the Palacio Cannabis hand cream eases dry cracked skin.

125ml - 4,57 $

Perfect for achy, tired muscles after a hard day of work.

600ml - 7,82 $

The Cannabis Shower Gel from Palacio, leaves you feeling relaxed with soft, silky skin.

500ml - 5,21 $

CBD oil with a whopping 10% of cannabidiol. Sweet dreams courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds.
CBD oil that looks like liquid gold. Leave it to cannabis masters Royal Queen Seeds to present the purest form of CBD.
The popularity of CBD oil keeps on growing while scientists keep on finding new benefits. Royal Queen Seeds 4% extract is made from 100% organic hemp.
Amsterdam Genetics present a scoop: the first autoflower seed with White Choco genetics. Long lasting body buzz included.
While a tea bag is often more convenient, the pleasure and taste of a loose tea is incomparable.

1 pieza - 2,26 $

Looking for a Humidity Controlled Storage Container? Then the CVault is what you need. This food grade stainless steel is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light.
Dr. Dabber's Iso-Snaps are the perfect all-in-one solution to clean your vaporizer and hard to reach parts.

1 box (24 pieces) - 6,37 $

Fuera de su continente, Durban es la variedad de cannabis africana más famosa. Esta gruesa sativa subtropical crece en abundancia al sur de África y se disfruta en todo el…
Si buscas una variedad de semillas fácil, rápida y feminizada que dé cogollos muy potentes en casi cualquier ambiente y situación, ¡esa es Early Skunk Automatic!
The Emili case looks like a cellphone, it is the same size as an I-phone. Perfect for phone withdrawals and vaping e-liquids, not so good for checking your emails.

Black - 57,32 $

A spare wall adapter for your G Pen Elite USB cable, compatible with any 2.0 USB cable.

1 pieza - 8,69 $

A goodnight blend, for a goodnights sleep. Curl up in bed with this yummy herbal treat.

80g - 5,73 $

Do you always pick the green gummy from the candy stash? Then this sweet tasting autoflower is the one for you.

3 semillas - 27,79 $

Green Magic has in a very short period become a firm favourite, gaining a faithful following within months of its introduction in coffee shops in Amsterdam
The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks.

1 pieza - 16,79 $15,11 $

A good grinder is a must-have. With the Royal Queen Seeds Engraved Metal Grinder, you will get a first-class grinder that won’t disappoint.

1 pieza - 14,48 $13,03 $

Producto agotado

The Royal Queen Seeds Mill grinder has a clear top and hand crank mechanism. Perfect for milling your herbs in a hurry.

1 pieza - 16,79 $15,11 $

A little-known fact, Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, wielded a small tool to put everybody into a dream state. This is the updated version for use with concentrates.

1 pieza - 103,06 $

Wonderful Ilex Guayusa tincture which is completely ecologically sourced and extracted, making for a very effective energy boost.

5 ml - 11,52 $

Inca Maté, Green tea, otherwise known as green gold from the Indians. Maté is stimulating for the body and mind, without any side effects.

80g - 5,73 $

Get extra zen with this Buddha watching over your incense. Ideal for cones or stick incense.

1 pieza - 5,73 $

Las semillas de Jamaican Pearl Feminizada proceden de un programa de cría de Sensi Seeds con sativas tropicales.
Deep in the jungle, you'll find the most amazing plants, the result of some adventurous crossings. Exotic Seed turned it into an autoflower.

3 semillas - 31,27 $

El té de Lapacho se usa des de hace más de 1,000 años por los curanderos Kallawaya de Sudamérica.

80g - 5,73 $

Never be without power for your trusted DaVinci IQ with thise spare battery by LG.

1 pieza - 11,00 $

Lucky dip: owl, deer, racoon or cat. Which one will your clipper spirit animal be?

1 pieza - 1,74 $

The original refillable Clipper lighter with the iconic Amsterdam coffeeshop The Bulldog's logo.

Black - 1,74 $

Handy torch lighter with a powerful flame that easily survives in windy conditions.
Want more of that White Widow taste on your lips? Even when you're not smoking? Or do you just need a sugary kick to get your mind in gear again?

1 pieza - 0,58 $

Only available in German. Lucy's Rausch: Gesellschaftsmagazin für Psychoaktive Kultur, Edition #4.

112 pp - 17,14 $

Only available in German. Lucy's Rausch: Gesellschaftsmagazin für Psychoaktive Kultur, Edition #5.

112 pp - 17,14 $

Prepare to enter the wondrous world of Valhalla with this mysterious and very potent truffle. The next level for lovers of sclerotia magic.

15 g - 25,42 $22,00 $

Autoflowering version of the great Mango Cream. This 100% Indica will calm even the most hyped-up individuals.

3 semillas - 27,79 $

Mexican Sativa feminizada es una excelente opción tanto para cultivadores principiantes como para los que tienen experiencia. Si buscas una sativa fuerte y estimulante con sabor exótico, ¡no busques más!
In Brazil, mulungu has been used for a long time as a natural sedative. In stressful times it helps to bring balance.

5ml - 23,10 $

Replacement mouthpiece for the O.penVape Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb vaporizer.

1 pieza - 8,69 $

Get the most out of your soil and plants with the enriching compost tea by Dutch grow wizards Biotabs.

2 kg - 53,85 $

BioBloom by Green House is an all-in-one powdered bio fertilizer, formulated specifically for the flowering stage of all plants.
Are you concentrate curious but have nails and rigs always intimidated you? Puffco presents the solution: an elegant concentrate pen. The Puffco Plus.

1 pieza - 114,64 $

We know why your lost your Puffco Plus battery. No need to panic, you'll be busting concentrates in no-time thanks to this spare battery.

1 pieza - 57,32 $

What's that seductive green light beckoning? It's the cloud button on the Puffco Pro 2 which will turn your precious concentrate in beautiful vapour.

1 pieza - 103,06 $

This book wasn’t meant for reading, although there is room to keep stories inside. Let Mr Nice, Howard Marks watch over your stash with the Mr. Nice roll box.

1 pieza - 45,16 $

Make your own Rosin easily, with the Rosin Flat Iron by Black Leaf. The Rosin technique is a good one with no chemical solvents required, just heat and pressure.

1 pieza - 34,68 $

Royal Gorilla es una variedad con una potencia brutal que, hasta hace poco, sólo estaba disponible en EEUU.
How to safely transport your vaporizer with some recreational herbs and not alert everybody to your presence? Ryot offers all the protection you need.

negro - 20,27 $

Taking your prized vaporizer with you can now be done in style thanks to the Ryot SmellSafe Headcase.
State of the art pocket sized case holds everything the vape of smoke enthusiast needs. Clever solutions abound and you don't have to worry about "that" smell.
The designers at Ryot have been thinking of you and your vaporizer too, with their fresh design Ryot SmellSafe Piper NoGoo.

1 pieza - 45,16 $

Did the coil of your SubX roll into the street where it was crushed by a passing truck? Here are the replacement coils.
T-sacs are a revolution for loose tea. Chlorine-free, paper tea bags in four different sizes, easily make your own tea blends.
The Tangerine G13 strain is a strain that has already surprised many consumers because of its potency, vigour and effect.
El té Power Maté Orange es una refrescante mezcla con Mate, cáscara de citrinos, flor de girasol y guarana.

80g - 5,73 $

For those who like to incorporate the VapCap in their style game we give the VapCap M. Clean and strong while still using the trusted heat and click technique.

1 pieza - 63,69 $

Get into the VapCap game. It's easy, tasteful and quite affordable. No more batteries to get your lungs filled with vapour.

1 pieza - 63,69 $

Be prepared to take your medicine in an epic way. It's the classic of classics when it comes to percolation: ladies and gentlemen, The Hydrabomb.

1 pieza - 218,87 $

Turn your trusty Vapman into a mean concentrate machine with this special screen.

1 pieza - 4,63 $

Get your torches out, It's Vaponic time! The stylish new Plus model will steal the hearts of those into beautiful design...and getting high.

1 pieza - 91,48 $

The famous "wild cannabis" from the southern parts of Africa. Wild dagga is a great alternative for those looking to unwind after a long day at work.

10 g - 14,48 $

A great all-round vaporizer appears on the firmament, the XMAX Starry. Amaze you friends with its clever magnetic cap and design solutions.

negro - 149,39 $

They say that friends that dab together, stick together. Well XVAPE just made it easier, with the XVAPE Vista.
Can't dab without a coil, so it's always handy to have an extra on hand for your beloved XVAPE Vista cloud machine.

1 pieza - 17,31 $

A replacement glass bubbler and attachment set for the XVAPE Vista concentrate vaporizer.

1 set - 34,68 $

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