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Integra Boost Humidity Control

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Growing your own can be lots of fun. But first-time growers tend to underestimate the final phase: curing. This is where your weed acquires its true aroma. It’s also a tricky period where mould will mercilessly ruin your crop. Bummer, man.

Luckily Integra Boost Humidity Control presents an easy solution, effectively preserving your cannabis buds in the jar until they are truly ready for your vaporizer or joint.

Integra Boost uses patented technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55 % or 62% in a contained environment like a stash box or jar. 

Why use Integra Boost Humidity Control?

Integra Boost maintains optimum humidity levels to prevent:

  • Dry and crispy plants
  • Harsh and unpleasant smoke 
  • Combats mould
  • It also enhances the curing process while maintaining flavours.

Integra Boost Humidity Control features 

  • Salt-Free Solution.
  • No alteration of flavour or aromas.
  • Tear-resistant and spill-proof.  
  • Includes a replacement indicator card. Just check the colour of the dot to know if the Humidity Boost depleted.
  • The package is made with food-grade inks

How to use?

  1. Remove the Integra Boost packet from the clear overwrap and place it into a sealed container with cannabis buds.
  2. Drop the Replacement Indicating Card inside the container and seal.
  3. Integra Boost will begin to regulate Relative Humidity (R.H.) inside the container to 55% or 62%.
  4. Replace packet when the dot turns from pink to blue.


For 12 to 28 grams of cannabis buds, use 8 grams of Integra Boost (one package.)


Productcode Productname
15857 62% (8 gram)
16628 55% (8 gram)

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