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Problemas del primer mundo: tener tanta hierba que no puedes utilizarla toda de una sola vez. Azarius entiende tu situación y presenta una amplia selección de productos de almacenamiento tales como contenedores con cierre hermético que mantienen tu hierba fresca como menta y cajas para mantener tus accesorios todos en un lugar.

No quieres que la gente sepa acerca de tus malos hábitos? Echa un vistazo a la categoría de cajas-secretas (sshh, no se lo digas a nadie).

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Complete the Arizer lifestyle with one of these glass jars to store your weed.
These bluntpacs have the perfect size to carry two cigarettes, your favourite blunt or a mini-cigar.
Looking for a Humidity Controlled Storage Container? Then the CVault is what you need. This food grade stainless steel is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light.

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Divide your Minivac into four compartments with this neat divider.
1 pieza - 3,05 $
Divide your Tightvac (0.29 L) into four compartments with this simple divider.
1 pieza - 3,66 $
Divide your Tightvac (0.57 L) into four compartments with this clever divider.
1 pieza - 4,27 $
That’s a nice wooden box on your desktop. Open the lid and marvel at those buds, as fresh as the day they were picked and cured.
verde (small) - 169,69 $

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An air tight grinder and storage, made of military grade plastic. A winning combination for every practical lover of weed.
A grinder and storage in one. Air tight too, perfection.
The Herborizer vaporizers are a real sight to behold but unfortunately not the easiest vaporizers to take with you. Until now! The Herborizer hemp transport bag lets you safely pack…

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Curing your buds, it’s really important. The final stage in growing your own. The Integra Boost Humidity Control keeps your weed in perfect condition. No mould in your dope!

Replacement gaskets to shock-proof your Classic JyARz.

1 pieza - 7,93 $3,97 $
Keep all your smoking accesoires, jars and stash safely locked away with this stylish Marley Natural lock box.
1 pieza - 268,57 $
Minivac is a medium-sized container that protects your weed during your wild Amsterdam adventures.
1 pieza - 9,16 $
The Minivac for cannabis lovers. Keeps your stash in optimum condition while looking pretty cool.
1 pieza - 9,16 $
These modern designed mini containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof.
The ever-popular Minivac is now available in a vintage design: paisley weed.
1 pieza - 9,16 $
These mini containers of modern design are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. They are solid, so nobody finds out what’s inside. Practical!
Big enough to hold four cigarettes, coins, rolling papers or even a set of keys. A must have for all festival and party freaks. Never wet or broken cigarettes again!
Protect ya weed at all costs! This sturdy rolling and storage box will do just that. No spillage and crumbled rolling paper for you from now on.
1 pieza - 72,02 $
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