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Big enough to hold four cigarettes, coins, rolling papers or even a set of keys. A must have for all festival and partyfreaks. Never wet or broken cigarettes again!
Stick it in the sand, flower bed or trunk of your car to hide your most valuable possesions like some emergency cash or a spare set of keys. Air tight and smell proof makes this pocket sized container very cool. Party On!

  • Airtight

  • Water resistant

  • Smell proof (will stay that way for at least two years)

  • You and your belongings are protected from any odors or ash

  • Made of high impact plastic, super durable, long lasting and won't melt under normal conditions

  • Extinguishes and preserves your lit cigarette immediately

  • Will float until you decide to rescue it

  • Convenient, makes it a great gift

  • Discreet and stylish

  • Conversation starter

  • Size: app. 11,5 cm.

Available in the colors black, blue green and silver.

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These are awesome, keep all your stuff air tight, can't smell a thing, even if you put the tube to your nose! Recently lost mine (stoner problems) and so ordering a new one. Nice and cheap too, used mine every day, both for rollups and generally storing my bud. Buy one, you won't regret it!



Cheap, but expensive. I've won better things at the carnival.



It looks big on the pictures but if i put my smoking papers in it, the whole space is out and i can't close the lid :/
OCB with filters san't even fit.
Still 3 stars, because it is water resistant.






Ik heb ook een gekocht en voor dat geld is ie echt ideaal, ik bewaar er me weed in (en ik houd van haze, en dat wil nog wel eens ruiken) en ik kan hem gewoon in me zak hebben en niemand die het ruikt.

Eerst had ik ook niet verwacht, ik dacht jaja zeker door een stukje plastic dat de lucht tegenhoud, maar het werkt echt :)



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