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This bluntpac is discrete and stylish. It can carry two cigarettes, your favourite blunt or a mini-cigar.
If you put a burning blunt or cigarette in the container, and close it with the cap, the blunt will stop burning immediately. With this pac you won't insult a non-smoker ever again. They won't even know where the smoke came from.

  • Airtight

  • Water resistant

  • Smell proof (for at least two years)

  • You and your belongings are protected from any odours or ash

  • Made of high impact plastic, super durable, long lasting and won't melt under normal conditions

  • Extinguishes and preserves your lit cigarette immediately

  • Will float until you decide to rescue it

  • Convenient, makes it a great gift

  • Discreet and stylish

  • Conversation starter

  • Size: app. 11,5 cm.

  • Available in the colours black, blue, green and silver.

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Lol pas mal le commentaire ca pourrais peut être marché :-)



"Pour débuter une conversation " lol!!
la scene:
"oh tiens, quel est cet etrange objet?!?
-ah ça, c'est mon Bluntpac biensur, je vais te parler de ce bijou de technologie a l'arriere de mon vehicule si tu veux?

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