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Desatar el elemento fuego está en tus manos con nuestra increíble variedad, desde los mecheros con el estilo clásico Clipper a verdaderos lanzadores de llama. No te gusta usar gas butano? No te preocupes, también se puede hacer sin tener que recurrir a un gas potencialmente peligroso; por ejemplo con el mechero solar o a través del Hempwick.

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Cool, durable and silent. It’s the incredibly stylish plasma lighter by Novi. Get ready to use those plasma rays and burn some stuff. Any stuff.
negro - 59,47 $38,65 $

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Get your concentrates out because the Big Buddy torch is ready for action.

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The Blazer Big Shot torch also known as The Firestarter. A powerful and very precise torch you can use for efficient dabbing a much more.

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With the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch, fire-power will be at the tip of your fingers. Whether you need to heat up a dab rig or make crème brulè.
Reliable and refillable, the legendary Zippo receives a modern look in this Higher Standards Zippo Lighter.

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The Torjet might look like a normal lighter, but appearances are deceptive. It produces an epic, windproof jet-flame.

1 pieza - 3,03 $
Spark up your royal smokeables with this legendary Excalibur torch lighter. Three powerful flames and a cigar punch make this a perfect lighter for flame-powered vaporizers and cigars.
1 pieza - 47,94 $
With the Vertigo Venom 2, you can set things on fire in style.
1 pieza - 23,67 $
How to ensure a flame under all circumstances? With four flames of course. This Cohiba torch lighter lights everything with a strong and even flame.
1 pieza - 29,73 $
The Vertigo Stinger lighter produces four epic, wind resistant torch flames. You can also punch your cigar with it.
1 pieza - 23,67 $

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This Burning Torch uses a powerful blue flame to efficiently burn stuff.
1 pieza - 17,60 $

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Some serious triple flame power to effectively light your vaporizer, bong or dab rig. The Vertigo Hawk will also get you through many a windy day.
1 pieza - 23,67 $
Handy torch lighter with a powerful flame that easily survives in windy conditions.

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A reliable torch lighter, the flame vaporizer aficionado can't live without one. This easy to use one also lights up joints.
1 pieza - 11,53 $

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Simple metal torch lighter that can take a hit. Easy to pocket when taking your flame powered vaporizer with you.
gris - 11,53 $
Mechero soplete compacto con un potente chorro de llama. Los encendedores-soplete tienen una llama más caliente que los encendedores normales, lo que los hace más adecuados para calentar las hierbas…
1 piece - 7,89 $
Modern life requires a jet flame lighter. How else are you going to heat up your VapCaps or Sticky Brick vaporizers? The Zorr jet flame is the affordable option.
negro - 3,03 $

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