OTTO grinder by banana bros.

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Do you dream of a robot that grinds your weed to the perfect consistency, then impeccably rolls evenly filled cones with the utmost efficiency? Well, you're in luck. OTTO by banana bros. is the first automatic smart rolling machine. This ergonomic and elegant device grinds your dried herbs thanks to an innovative SMART grinding technology. The spring-loaded grinder mimics human hand grinding gestures for a fine and uniform result. Then, it automatically packs 20-30 cones per fill, delivering perfect rolls every time.

The 20 premium cones that come with the package feature 100% natural raw fibre and wider lips, allowing your weed to fill all the way to the tip, ensuring an even burn and a superior draw. How nice! Now we can dream of a robot that grinds our weed, rolls our joints, plays the most obscure roots reggae and perhaps makes us a sandwich...

What's in the box

  • 1x Otto grinder
  • 1x Measuring cup
  • 1x USB rapid charging cable
  • 1x O-funnel
  • 1x 4-in-1 tool
  • 1x Fresh seal cone tube
  • 20x Premium cones


Introducing the OTTO Grinder by banana bros. from Azarius on Vimeo

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    • - Falls over
    • - Only fills enormous cones
    • - Very plasticy
    • - Way overpriced

    I bought this grinder thinking it would be a joint rolling devices. Well it isnt. Its a very expensive electric grinder that doesnt even work that well.
    The Otto only fills up huge cones. Well I can do that with a small funnel or a piece of double folded paper.
    Weed, herbs and tabacco fall true the holes when you want to charge it and the result is a half full cone that is not tight at all!
    Im gonna use a regular grinder and start practising my rolling technique or by a nice vape. I learned my lesson thinking a machine could do a better job:/

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