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Grinder Weedmill

16474 Weedmill

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The Weedmill is a cool hybrid of the grinder and peppermill. This mill made of solid anodized aluminium makes it possible to pack up to 7 gram of weed in an extremely durable way.

Besides its fascinating look, the Weedmill introduces some practical advantages. You can take your Weedmill to the coffeeshop or dispensary and ask to have it filled on the spot. Discard those harmful plastic bags and smoke one in honour of the environment.

With the Weedmill you always carry a good stash ready to use at any moment. Prepare your joint or open the vaporizer and give the mill some grinds. That’s all, you’re ready to get stoned.

Or maybe you want to pepper your steak with some green? It’s all good.

Weedmill instructions

  1. Remove the lid and fill the Weedmill with cannabis buds
  2. Slide the top open to reveal the dispenser holes 
  3. Turn the mill, aim, hold the bottom part and rotate the upper part to grind the weed
  4. Close when you’re finished grinding

Weedmill dimensions

  • Length: 8 cm
  • Diameter: 4 cm
  • Weight: 100 gram
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