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Como el nombre indica, un moledor (grinder) es un dispositivo hecho para moler hierbas y especias. Puede ser utilizado para todo tipo de hierbas pero estos moledores son especialmente buenos para moler los cogollos de cannabis, para hacer un porro o fumar en un bong, pipa o vaporizador.

Si eres un gran entusiasta del oro verde, la Azarius te ofrece una gran selección de moledores, de metal, madera vintage y plástico colorido. Estamos seguros que vas a encontrar aquí el moledor perfecto para ti!

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Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Standard all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 pieza - 16,86 $11,80 $

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The 2-part grinder by Aerospaced is a minimalistic beauty available in different sizes because we all have different needs when it comes to ground weed.
The large Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder is ideal for shredding larger quantities of your favourite herb, whether you are off to a party, going camping or planning an indefinite stay in…
Whether you are smoking or vaping, the Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder Medium will effortlessly shred through your precious bud.
With its razor sharp teeth, magnetic lid and aluminum body, the Aerospaced 4-Piece grinder small is functional, efficient and very handsome.
This acryl 3-piece grinder by Aerospaced is great to have on you at all times and it doubles as a small stash box.
Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard presenta el sumo moledor de dos piezas. El Cali Crusher muele sin esfuerzo y está construido para durar.
El moledor Cali Crusher Homegrown es sin duda el mejor moledor que tu dinero puede comprar.

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Looking for a coarse grind? The Groove grinder by Aerospaced offers just that. Keep those buds coming!
The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks.
1 pieza - 17,44 $
A good grinder is a must-have. With the Royal Queen Seeds Engraved Metal Grinder, you will get a first-class grinder that won’t disappoint.
1 pieza - 14,53 $

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The Royal Queen Seeds Mill grinder has a clear top and hand crank mechanism. Perfect for milling your herbs in a hurry.
1 pieza - 17,44 $

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Luxury black grinder by New Vape that produces a coarse grind.
1 pieza - 80,21 $
Luxury titanium grey grinder by New Vape that produces a fine grind.
1 pieza - 80,21 $
The Rocket is much more than a grinder. This is a complete ballistic solution for blowing your mind into space. Ready for take-off?
1 pieza - 33,71 $
Vibes and Aerospaced team up to make a virtually indestructible but lightweight grinder.
Vibes and Aerospaced collab for a 4-part grinder that should shred enough weed for all your friends.
Do you want some extra weed on your soup, I mean, in your joint? Give the Weedmill a couple of turns and let the good stuff fall. Ready for use.
You love their seeds and now there is a cool grinder to prepare those tasty Green House buds with.
1 pieza - 2,32 $

Producto agotado

Striking yellow acryl grinder for heads that want to keep things simple.
1 pieza - 3,43 $1,72 $
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