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Vibes Nalgene bottle

18935 VIBES Fine Rolling Papers

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How often do you get a product as uniquely sleek and utterly satisfying from a cool collaboration as the Vibes Nalgene? Vibes Nalgene is the awesomeness born from a fusion between Vibes and the iconic authority on hydration, Nalgene to design an exclusive impact-resistant water bottle. The Vibes Nalgene water bottle sports the Nalgene signature look, featuring transparent BPA-free plastic, and emblazoned with Vibes’ starry seal. The water bottle comes with a twist-off cap and an attached loop lid that makes it attachable to your backpack. So you don’t have to worry about staying hydrated while climbing Mount Everest or running as much as Tom Cruise does in all of his movies. The Vibes Nalgene is marked in ounces and millilitres to conveniently track your fluid intake and can hold up over 1 litre of liquid. It is lightweight, stain-resistant, and is available in black, blue, and red. 


Liquid capacity: 32 oz/1 L
Made in the USA
Crafted from BPA-free plastic
Loop-top design
Widemouthed opening
Stain & Odour resistant
Dishwasher safe

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