San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)

El cactus San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) o (Trichocereus pachanoi) es la planta mágica más vieja que se conoce en Sudamérica. Original del Ecuador y de Perú, donde todavía crece en las montañas a 2000-3000 metros.

Este cactus de crecimiento rápido tiene de 4 a 9 costillas y un fuerte sistema de raíces. La naturaleza del cactus san pedro continua a crecer hasta caer bajo su proprio peso. El cactus caído creerá nuevas raíces y producirá nuevos brotes.

El San Pedro es utilizado frecuentemente como base para otros cactus más difíciles de cultivar. El propio San Pedro puede ser cultivado a partir de las semillas, en un ambiente seco o húmedo, y crece más rápido si se riega regularmente. No obstante, la planta puede sobrevivir durante años sin agua y incluso producir nuevos retoños.

Calidad B

No exactamente tan hermoso como el hermano de clase A pero definitivamente ¡psicoativo!

Pulsa y agranda

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  • BULE


    Yo people,

    I might be annoying to some but I can't help it.
    I weighed cacti whole, despine, peel skin, remove core, blend it, pour it in the pan, add some water and a pinch of citric acid. I boil it for 2.5 - 3.5 hours (I can't feel any difference in potency of brew).
    I had problems with filtering it threw many types of cloth, because some kind of crap is coming threw and it's hard to ingest it. I came to an idea and it works awesome: I put raw cotton between 2 pieces of cloth so filtering becomes really fine. I reduce fluid by boiling it some more...

    Last time(doing 2,5 kg) I wrote that ego death was freaky, but that is mild description. At 1 point I was my own breath, I mean..., hahaha... I felt like... and time between inhale and exhale was so long that it took me time to realize - that is me breathing, though I wasn't exactly sure what I was, but I realized how does it feel to die or rather transcend to... Don't be scared of dying, be scared of not understanding...

    Now I got brew of 2,2 kg of this awesome teacher chilling in the fridge. As much as I'm terrified, I'm looking forward to it.
    I recommend to trip during daytime, maybe in your backyard with no obligations waiting on you the next day.

    Wish me luck and may God help us (open minded people) to turn this crazy world around and make it better for everyone!

  • BULE


    I'm not in the mood for writing, though I'd love to share my 'out of this world' experience,
    when ingesting brew of this sacred plant.

    All of my specimens are clones from two Azarius' cuttings. I started experimenting at low
    dose and at fifth attempt I got to the point of making paste and cooking 2,5 kg of cacti!
    So genes r not the best and potency is low, but for me that s an advantage. I think it s
    easier to dose, cause trips vary a little at the same quantity taken and this cacti grows at
    insane rate...

    For me (very experienced mother...) minimum dose for lovely psy evening is 1,5 kg.
    At 2.5 kg trip lasted about 12 - 14 hours and my life completely changed. I went out of
    my body - ego dissolution was so freaky. I met these entities, whom I haven t met or even
    thought about for over 10 years and our first contact happened while doing shrooms.
    There was this demonic group wich was very aggressive and demanding (10 years ago
    they were just annoying) something disharmonizing, but I stood my ground firmly and
    let them know that even if the whole universe collapsed into itself I wouldn't comply.
    Next moment they were like turned into ashe... It was a horror...

    The second entity was the 'Joker' as I call him now - my best friend out of this dimension.
    He had made me laugh my guts out while on shrooms 10 years ago and saved my life
    during this pedro session. I can t explain his looks..., he s not humanoid, he s very classy,
    a gentleman with superb sense of humor and always followed (not wearing and holding)
    by a walking stick and cylinder hat. He showed and thought me stuff ...Anyway, he s the
    most pleasant company you could wish for while tripping.
    The rest of the story You ll get to read when I write a novel.

    P.S.: I find it much easier to drink half a liter of clear brew then gulping
    a cup of thick goo!
    Don t ever think about pulling peyote from nature - EVER (unless you're native preparing
    for ceremony)! Trust me on this 1!!!

    Love to all and keep it safe and responsible!!! Wachuma all the way!

  • Flore


    Just received my san pedro cactus, looks beautiful. Thank you Azarius!

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