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First acid trip

On the 19th of April 1943 the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann was the very first person to intentionally take an LSD trip.

At the time Hofmann was working at Sandoz pharmaceuticals in Basel. He synthesised LSD-25 already in 1938 as part of a range of lysergamides. As it didn’t seem to have a particular effect the substance was stored unused in the laboratory.

In 1943 he suddenly felt the urge to re-examine it. Thereby he accidentally ingested a little bit. (At least that’s how the story goes…).

For two hours Hofmann “perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colours”.

Bike ride

Impressed by the effects he planned to do a self-experiment a couple of days later, when he ingested 250 micrograms of acid. A low dose, he expected. But the contrary was true! In his memoires 'LSD: my problem child' he recalls:

Bicycle day Hofmann

“By now it was already clear to me that LSD had been the cause of the remarkable experience of the previous Friday, for the altered perceptions were of the same type as before, only much more intense. I had to struggle to speak intelligibly.”

He asked his assistant (who was aware of the situation) to escort him home. Due to war time restrictions no cars were available, so they took the bike.

Hofmann: “On the way home, my condition began to assume threatening forms. Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot. Nevertheless, my assistant later told me we had traveled very rapidly.”

Bicycle day blotter art

Bicycle day

Soon the news spread and LSD made its way into therapy sessions at first. In the 1960s recreational use saw a boom when Timothy Leary inspired the youth to "Turn on, tune in, drop out".

Nowadays the very first LSD trip is remembered and celebrated all over the world as ‘Bicycle day’.

Bicycle day t-shirt

Bicycle day discount at Azarius

At Azarius too we consider bicycle day a holy day. Which we celebrate with a discount of 15% on all our smartshop products during the coming weekend: from Friday 17th till Sunday 19th.

To claim your discount, use BICYCLEDAY as check out code. Grab your chance and grab your bike. We wish you a joyfull and mind-bending bicycle day!

Read more:

-Was the first ingestion real? Mindstates Conference

-’High holy days’. Erowid’s Tea Faerie on the importance of bicycle day.

-Bicycle day experience story: Scientific American.

-Bicycle day 2015 in LA

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<![CDATA[White heroin dealer turns himself in]]> http://azarius.es/news/680/White_heroin_dealer_turns_himself_in/ After a campaign of months peace returns in the streets of Amsterdam. Last week the man who sold white heroin to tourists turned himself in to the police. He had recognised himself on images in the Dutch TV program 'Opsporing Verzocht'.

It seems the dealer wasn’t aware his ‘cocain’ actually was white heroin. When white heroin is sniffed, it causes respiratory problems. Past autumn three British tourists died as a consequence. Twenty others ended up in hospital.

Campaign abolished

The campaign with matrix boards and posters all over town is currently abolished. The Municipal Health Service (GGD) considers the risks decreased.

Of course it’s possible more white heroin is still in circulation. Azarius never recommends the use of hard drugs. If you want to use it anyway: be careful. Don’t buy from street dealers and test your stuff at Stichting Adviesbureau Drugs or do an EZ-test.

Read more:

-Nu.nl (Dutch)

-Nrc.nl (Dutch)

-Cocaine alert finished Municipal Health Service (GGD)

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<![CDATA[Re-apertura de la tienda offline de Azarius. Celebra con nosotros hasta el 4/20!]]> http://azarius.es/news/679/Re-apertura_de_la_tienda_offline_de_Azarius_Celebra_con_nosotros_hasta_el_4_20/ ¿Has estado alguna vez en nuestra majestuosa tienda Azarius offline en la calle Kerkstraat en Amsterdam? ¡Sin duda debes ir otra vez!

Hemos estado sudando, con la pintura y la reorganización y ahora está listo. Y nunca ha estado más hermosa...

Azarius offline winkel

Herbs of the Gods

Nuestra línea de hierbas Herbs of the Gods tiene ahora un lugar destacado en la entrada de de la tienda: justo donde tienen que estar. En unas manos misteriosas...

Azarius offline store


Tenemos una gama de nuevos mostradores y hemos cambiado ligeramente nuestro surtido. Este estupendo nuevo vitral decora ahora el pasillo que conduce al vapo-lab totalmente renovado.

Azarius offline store

Sin embargo, estas fotos son sólo una pequeña muestra. Si realmente quieres saber de qué se trata todo esto, visitanos y echa un vistazo tu mismo.

Celebración de la re-apertura: regalos gratis

Para conmemorar este momento feliz tendremos toda una semana de celebraciones. ¡Del 13 de abril hasta la memorable fecha 420 (20 de abril) obtendrás un regalo con cada compra!

Además, este es el momento perfecto para coger a tu Azarius magazine gratis, si aún no la tienes...

¡Esperamos verte ahí!

~ Con amor del Equipo Azarius Kerkstraat

Todas las imágenes son de Nina Valkhoff: Creatief op Commando.nl

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<![CDATA[Visiting festivals in Germany: sweating across the border]]> http://azarius.es/news/617/Visiting_festivals_in_Germany__sweating_across_the_border/ The sun's increasing in strength. Before you know it, it will be summer. Time to start planning for the festival season! If you're travelling across the border it's wise to keep some things in mind...

Police control

The Dutch drug policy is fairly lenient, especially with regards to use of cannabis, but once we cross the border it’s quite a different story. Germany especially has very strict drug policies and because the Dutch are known to be big fans of the ‘finer things in life’, cars with Dutch license plates are pulled over more frequently than ones with German plates. If you regularly smoke a joint and are travelling to Germany, remember that being sober has a very different meaning there than it does in the Netherlands.

Don’t be surprised when you’re pulled over to be bluntly asked: "do you smoke marijuana?". Always deny this. If the police officer responds with "but doesn’t everyone in the Netherlands smoke marijuana?" again deny this. Nobody likes to be stereotype.

Sweat test

They could ask you to participate in a sweat test. Since most people assume this to be similar to an alcohol check, almost everyone agrees. But note that the German law states that police officers may only force a test on you when there is credible doubt on your level of sobriety. That’s why it’s best to deny using any drug and to decline sweat testing.

Besides, test isn’t completely reliable. The problem with a sweat test is that it checks for the metabolites of THC. Metabolites are products that arise when a substance is converted in the body. Unfortunately, the metabolites of THC are fat soluble, which means they can be stored in fat tissue and slowly released in the bloodstream, after which they leave the body. When you smoke a joint, the metabolites of THC can be found through a sweat test up to three weeks later.

Despite the unreliability of the test, the German justice system takes action based on the test results. Suppose you’re pulled over, asked to do a sweat test and you smoked a joint five days ago. You are very much sober, but then the sweat test could still show a positive result. This means you’ll have to come to the station for a blood test. Because now they’ve a good reason to examine your blood and this time you can’t refuse. If this happens to you, you please be aware of that you only a qualified doctor may perform the blood test.

The blood test will confirm the presence of THC metabolites which leads to a suspension of your driver’s license for 24 hours.

Is this a fine?

All this because you've smoked a joint a few days ago. They’ll sometimes ask you to pay for the blood test, in cash. This you can refuse, by stating that you can’t pay it now but will pay later. Incidentally, the German police can be very intimidating, but if you keep to your guns that you don’t have that kind of money, then they’ll usually let you go.

It’s unwise to pay immediately, because if it turns out that the blood test comes back negative, it’s difficult to get your money back.

And don’t be surprised if a few weeks later, the bill arrives in the mail. The amount will vary between € 500 to € 750. Even though you’ve been sober for days, this is not something that shows in your blood. The test simply makes it clear that you’ve smoked cannabis at least once in the past three weeks, and that’s why you’re being fined. If you’re ever arrested again for the same thing, the fine will be even higher. For that reason, many Dutch people who regularly party in Germany decide to completely stop smoking cannabis.

Other substances

Cannabis isn’t the only thing that can be detected days after the fact. Stimulants such as XTC, cocaine and speed can be found through a sweat test, although it does depend on the amount used. But in general, if you’re using during a festival, you’d be wise to rest at least a week after the last use in order to safely pass the police checks. The devious Germans are known to cover all exits of a festival. By contrast, ketamine and GHB traces leave your body very fast and LSD can’t be found, due to low concentrations. Police do not check for the use of mushrooms.

Incidentally, the amount of alcohol permitted in Germany is higher than that in the Netherlands. In short, you can be quite tipsy behind the wheel, but three weeks before the car starts to move, it’s forbidden to smoke cannabis. It's wise to keep this stuff in mind.

Festival culture

The Germans can organize some of the most fun and wonderful festivals, but their drug policy is significantly less pleasant...

(This article was sent in by a fan and doesn’t necessarily represent the thoughts and views held by Azarius. In fact, we love police officers everywhere and wish them nothing but peace and happiness)

More information

-Fusion festival guide to dealing with German police

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<![CDATA[Eleven animals that like to get high]]> http://azarius.es/news/678/Eleven_animals_that_like_to_get_high/ It’s not just humans that like to alter their state of mind. Nature offers a wide range of stimulating, narcotic and psychoactive substances. Animals like to eat them as well.

Eleven animals that like to get high:

1. Monkeys eat fermented fruit, which makes them drunk. In addition, capuchin monkeys and lemurs in South America discovered that certain millipedes secrete a hallucinogenic poison. If they lubricate their skin with it they go tripping.

2. Elephants like to eat fermented fruit too. More remarkable is that they also enjoy feasting on iboga. They often take iboga with the whole flock together, as a kind of ceremony.

3. Kangaroos on the island of Tasmania know exactly where to find opium fields. Sometimes they go completely crazy on it and start creating crop circles, lying on their backs.

Opium kangaroo

4. Cats adore catnip. This plant contains a hormone-like substance that gets them in heat by rolling through it.

5. Jaguars regularly consume yagé. This plant is the basis for the ayahuasca brew. In mythology plants and animals are linked too: Peruvian Indians say that ayahuasca evokes a jaguar instinct.

yagé jaguar

6. Reindeer trip on the fly agaric. It seems they do this to persevere the boring winters.

bighorn sheen lichen

7. When he saw his friend lying dead, a mongoose decided to consume morning glory. Probably he did so to numb his feelings. Researchers had previously observed that the mongoose avoided the plant. Now that he was sad, he suddenly changed his mind.

8. In Canada grows a kind of lichen that contains no nutritional value, but that will surely make you high. Bighorn sheep sometimes even risk their lives to eat this rare moss.

9. Bears are seen scurrying around at airports in Russia, seeking barrels of kerosene. Once found they hang above them and inhale deeply. Subsequently they fall to the ground, blissfully enjoying their trip.

kerosene bear

10. Some snakes eat psychedelic mushrooms.

11. Goats love coffee beans. The stimulating effect of the beans actually has been discovered by looking at the behaviour of goats. To them we owe our cup of coffee!

So, human beings aren’t that special when it comes to substance use...

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<![CDATA[Maca saludable desde arriba de las montañas]]> http://azarius.es/news/677/Maca_saludable_desde_arriba_de_las_monta_as/ Maca es uno de los ms bien conocidos sper alimentos. Dentro del movimiento de alimentos crudos se enaltece esta planta por su alta concentracin de nutrientes y delicioso sabor. Hay diferentes tipos de maca: roja, negra, azul, morada, verde y amarilla. La maca amarilla es ms comnmente utilizada en la comida. Esta variedad tiene un sabor vainilla-nuez que es reminiscente del caramelo. La maca es un buen ingrediente de batidos, por ejemplo.

Maca silvestre y cultivada

Las personas que han utilizado la maca desde hace dcadas, afirman que el poder de la maca se est disminuyendo. Esto se debe principalmente al hecho de que hace treinta aos slo la maca silvestre estaba disponible para el consumo, mientras hoy en da slo podemos encontrar la maca cultivada.

La planta cultivada y la variedad silvestre difieren a tal grado que los bilogos discuten sobre la cuestin de si son o no dos plantas diferentes.


Maca desde arriba de las montaas

La maca silvestre es una planta fuerte que crece a 4.000 metros de altitud en los Andes. Durante la temporada de crecimiento, la temperatura puede variar de -2C a 13C. No es improbable que la temperatura se baje an ms por perodos cortos de tiempo, a veces incluso a -10C. El viento puede soplar con fuerza en las montaas y el sol brilla intensamente. Adems de la maca hay pocos cultivos que pueden resistir en estas condiciones climticas extremas.

La historia de maca

El cultivo de la maca comenz hace unos 5.000 aos, por los indios que hicieron plantaciones en los Andes a la misma altitud donde la maca crece salvaje. La maca era el alimento principal de su men diario. Secaban la raz de la planta con el fin de tener algo que comer durante los perodos de escasez. La maca tambin les serva para hacer cambio con otros tipos de alimentos procedentes de las tribus que vivan ms abajo.

Cuando los espaoles conquistaron Per en el siglo XVI conocieran a la maca. La planta fue adorada en tal medida que los espaoles hicieron los indios pagar impuestos con parte de su cosecha de maca.

A travs del tiempo la popularidad de maca vari en gran medida. Ha habido perodos en que la planta pareca olvidada por completo. Hace unos treinta aos la maca fue re-descubierta. La demanda occidental aument de forma pronunciada y de repente la planta estaba en peligro de extincin.


A partir de ese momento, fueron establecidas grandes plantaciones de maca en Per, Bolivia y Brasil. Estas plantaciones proporcionan un producto muy sabroso y extraordinariamente saludable. Sin embargo, no es la misma maca como la variedad original silvestre que crece a 4000 metros de altitud.

Maca amarilla o negra (o roja)?

Quieres comer maca porque te gusta y quieres cuidarte? En ese caso, el polvo de color amarillo dorado es suficiente. Pero, se quieres utilizar la maca por sus propiedades beneficiosas, entonces te recomendamos la maca negra y roja en particular.

Te ests preguntando si la maca es algo para ti? Puedes leer ms en el artculo sobre la maca maca article en la Enciclopedia de Azarius.

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<![CDATA[Tripping for gourmets with Baked Live]]> http://azarius.es/news/676/Tripping_for_gourmets_with_Baked_Live/ “The aim is to get high,” chef Noah tells us. Today we’re trying out a haute cuisine dinner with psychoactive ingredients.

In general psychedelics aren’t well-known for their taste, to put it mildly. Taking them can be a real hassle. Noah: “Why not prevent that struggle by creating some real nice dishes around them?”

Guinea pigs

Baked Live is an independent event that took place the 21st of March. With several test rounds, preparations are not taken lightly.

A couple of weeks before my colleagues and I serve as guinea pigs. Noah: “don’t worry, it’s the sixth time already!” By now he refined both taste combinations and dosage to effect. “We’ve seen both ends of the spectrum: evenings where not much happened and evenings where people had difficulty staying seated as they were tripping balls.”

Baked Live

Magic herb box

We decide to trust the chef with his magic box full of herbs. All products he uses are legal and supplied by Azarius: kanna, kratom, Syrian rue, Passionflower, truffles and much more. We will only have three courses. At the real event it’s gonna be six! The three of us all opt for the vegetarian menu.

Smart start(er)

The starter is a real work of art: risotto balls dipped in a powerful licorice sauce - masking the Syrian rue it’s containing. The veggies are sprinkled with kanna extract and the dish is completed with hemp seeds.

And it doesn’t just look nice. We’re happily surprised by the refined palette of taste sensations: this guy can cook!

Baked Live

At Azarius we advise not to combine MAOI’s (like Syrian Rue) with SRI’s (like kanna), but Noah reassures: dosages are mild.

You could call it smart for a change: the MAO-inhibitor enhances the effect of almost all the other substances, so less is needed for the same result. Noah: “For the same reason I mainly work with extracts.”

Fuzzy feelings

“You will feel a bit fuzzy within twenty minutes,” he warns. We take note of the time and indeed: fuzzy is the right word. It’s subtle but my perception is definitely shifting. A colleague notes she feels happy and talkative: “That’s the kanna!” she smiles, “But the nice atmosphere also helps.”

Truffle me up

Meanwhile Noah is preparing the second course. One, two, three Hollandia truffles I count being grated above my dish. The veggies are steamed with “a nice sativa” from his UFO-shaped vaporizer.

Baked Live

Again the food is delicious: you wouldn’t say you were eating anything psychedelic. Instead we feel spoiled by the delightful exclusiveness of the dinner. We’re convinced: this is the new way to trip!

Shortly afterwards: a first wave of nausea. Maybe there was a point in eating shrooms on an empty stomach? The waves come and go. For my colleagues as well. I’m surprised by the effect of three little truffles: I’m really tripping! It must be the Syrian Rue. We all become a bit giggly.

Kratom in the mix

When dessert arrives, a chocolate cake sprinkled with kratom extract, I hesitate: should we add even more to this mix? I’m already quite wobbly… I decide not to be chicken-hearted. Luckily the effect of the kratom is mild, and - as Noah predicted - relaxing.

All pictures by Floris Leeuwenberg

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<![CDATA[Azarius Magazine edition #2: hot off the press]]> http://azarius.es/news/675/Azarius_Magazine_edition__2__hot_off_the_press/ In case you missed it, Azarius isn't just a sparkly and majestic store. We've also released a free magazine some time ago.

Today the editorial team is proud to announce edition #2 of the one and only Azarius magazine. It's a colourful mix of interviews, articles, product highlights, recipes (you haven't lived until you've eaten holy crpe) and it even has a crossword puzzle that almost manages to make sense.

Best of all, the handy A5 format makes it the perfect reading material for those long excruciating moments on the toilet after take-out night.

Get your copy!

How do you get this wonderful piece of print on a coffee table or in a bathroom near you? We're glad you asked! All you have to do is order something in our online store. We'll add the magazine to your package free of charge. That's simply how we roll!

The magazine is available in English, Dutch and French.

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<![CDATA[No link between psychedelic use and psychosis]]> http://azarius.es/news/672/No_link_between_psychedelic_use_and_psychosis/ Two recent scientific studies show that users of psychedelics are not at increased risk of developing mental health problems.

Classic psychedelics: LSD, psilocybin and mescaline

Both studies use data from large USA population surveys. The first study is by Norwegian psychologists Pl-rjan Johansen and Teri Suzanne Krebs. They found that 14% of the 135.000 people who took part in the survey had ever used any of the three classic psychedelics: LSD, psilocybin and mescaline.

These psychedelic users were found not to be at increased risk of developing mental-health problems such as schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, anxiety disorders and suicide attempts.

Lower suicide rates

The second study of behavioural pharmacologist Matthew Johnson of the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland looked at 190.000 respondents. He also found that the classic psychedelics were not associated with adverse mental-health outcomes.

To the contrary: people who had used LSD and psilocybin were found to have lower lifetime rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Acid casualty myth debunked

The studies debunk the myth that psychedelics can lead to psychosis. In the 1960s widespread reports of so-called acid casualties were mainstream news. According to researcher Krebs psychedelics can be psychologically intense nevertheless.

Her colleague Charles Grob, a long-term advocate of psychedelic therapy, points out that in individual cases adverse effects might occur. Its rare, but some psychedelic users suffer from hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD): a trip that never seems to end.

They perceive incessant distortions in the visual field, shimmering lights and coloured dots. However, the disorder also occurs in people that never used psychedelics.


-Nature News

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<![CDATA[Altered states of cooking: Tripping balls]]> http://azarius.es/news/674/Altered_states_of_cooking__Tripping_balls/ Spring is here! At Azarius we celebrate the new season with the start of a new series: Altered states of cooking.

Obviously, most herbs and smart products in our assortment are already tasting delicious. But creative spirits like to indulge themselves, don’t they? Get some new inspiration from our consciousness expanding recipes.

Cooking with shrooms

Avoid prolonged heating of psilocybin mushrooms and truffles as the active components psilocybin and psilocin are sensitive to oxidation and will break down.

A higher temperature will accelerate this process. Do you want to add shrooms to a hot dish? Best is to wait till the last moment. Even better is to use them raw, like in the following recipe.

Tripping balls

Tripping balls

Dried mushrooms or truffles make a surprisingly delightful additive to energy balls. The nutty taste and crispy structure combine well with (raw) cacao, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

It’s also possible to use fresh truffles and mushrooms, but those have a more intense taste and need stronger flavours (like fresh ginger) to be masked.


2 grams chopped dried mushrooms or truffles, a handful of almonds, a handful of hazelnuts, 1 tablespoon flax seed, 5 dried figs, a handful of cranberries, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of (raw) cacao.


Chop the almonds, hazelnuts and mushrooms together with the flax seed in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until a sticky dough forms. Use your hands to roll the mixture into little balls and store in the fridge.

You can optionally use sesame seeds or grated coconut as coating.


The balls have a mild psychoactive effect. Just one ball won’t make you trip, but you will feel more relaxed and a bit spacey. Perfect for a party!

Tripping balls

Alternative recipe:

2 grams chopped dried mushrooms or truffles, a handful of almonds, handful of walnuts, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 2 tablespoons flax seed, 1 tablespoon of hemp protein powder, 8 dried dates, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon (raw) cacao.

More mushroom cooking

In combination with lemon psilocybin will be converted into psilocin more quickly. This may result in the trip kicking in almost immediately.

Mushrooms and truffles work best on an empty stomach. A bit of food won’t hurt, but be careful with the quantities you consume: if your stomach is too full, this might lead to nausea.

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