<![CDATA[Azarius News]]> http://azarius.es/news/ The Very Advanced, Utterly Cool, Super Duper Azarius RSS Generator v2.34.445 info@azarius.net (azarius.net) <![CDATA[Cannabis and meditation]]> http://azarius.es/news/644/Cannabis_and_meditation/ Did you ever try to meditate on cannabis? Buddhist meditation traditions usually don’t approve of mind altering substances, but many religious traditions all over the world consider cannabis an aid in spiritual practice.

The most well-known example is the Rastafari movement. To Rastafari’s cannabis is a sacred plant associated with the Three of Life. It’s smoked through special water pipes, called chalices, during community sessions. They believe cannabis is a divine gift and communion with the plant brings them closer to God (Jah).

Sadhus, holy men from India, smoke cannabis in a chillum to prepare for meditation. During certain religious festivals in Hinduism, like Holi, bhang is consumed by devotees of Shiva. Bhang is a beverage made from milk, ghee and a paste of cannabis buds and leaves, usually enriched with lots of spices. In several yoga schools cannabis is seen as a ‘sacred vehicle’. It’s believed cannabis stimulates the pineal gland, which is equated with the ‘third eye’ chakra. Cannabis would make the yogi more aware of his breathing and body postures.

Cannabis can indeed make you more aware of the moment that you are in. So how could this be applied in meditation?

DIY meditation

It’s recommend to start the meditation session before cannabis consumption. If possible prepare the space that you are in a bit: clean up, light a candle and burn some incense. Make sure you sit or lie down in a comfortable position and you will not be disturbed.

Start focusing on your breath. You may find it helpful to silently say ‘in’ with every inhalation and ‘out’ with every exhalation.

Try to keep your focus. Every time you drift away in thoughts, just notice and turn back to your breathing. After a while you will observe your breath becomes more deep and slow.

You now can turn your attention to your body; slowly direct your awareness to different body parts: start with the toes, foot and leg on the left side and continue with those on the right. Subsequently move to your belly and chest, all the way up to your head.

Then direct your attention to the space around you. Maybe you have your eyes closed, but you can still become aware of space that you are in. You may become aware of sounds and other sensations like warmth or cold.

These are just suggestions; you can focus on other aspects of the moment as well. For example on emotions or thoughts that are passing by. However, many people find these a bit harder to just observe without getting involved. The main idea is that you stay focused on the present moment. Every time you are distracted by thoughts or worries about the past or the future, just return to the object of your meditation.


When you feel ready it’s time for the sacrament. Decide beforehand on the way of consumption. Maybe you would like to make traditional bhang yourself? Some modern yogi’s prefer vaporising over smoking as it’s healthier to the lungs. Maybe you like to ritually roll a joint.

You can intensify the moment of consumption – the consecration – by saying prayers or formulating intentions. Afterwards return to your meditation. You can just rehearse the steps described above. If possible, try to focus on just breathing for a prolonged period of time. This is the most basic form of meditation and some very spectacular experiences have been reported in combination with cannabis.

How was it for you?

We are curious about your experiences! Did you ever try to meditate on cannabis? What did you do? What happened? And would you recommend it to others?

More traditions

There are many more traditions than just named that use cannabis in a spiritual way. Think for example about some Santo Daime churches - known for their ritual use of ayahuasca - that consider cannabis as a second sacrament. The United States saw the rise of a couple of so-called ‘cannabis churches’ during the past century.

A very recent initiative is that of Hamilton Souther, an American ayahuasca shaman, that started to broadcast ‘420 ceremonies’ online this year. Curious? You can tune in for a live session every month at Blue Morpho TV.

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<![CDATA[Información de pedidos en vacaciones]]> http://azarius.es/news/645/Informaci_n_de_pedidos_en_vacaciones/ Diciembre es un mes muy ocupado para todos los servicios de correos. Si necesitas realmente recibir un paquete antes de finales de ao, por favor realiza el pedido lo antes posible.

Nuestro centro de distribucin tambin cerrar entre el 1 de Enero y el 4 de Enero. Esto significa que todos los pedidos realizados antes de Ao Nuevo y en los primeros das del 2015 se espera que tengan retraso.

Sentimos cualquier inconveniente que podamos causar y hacemos todo lo posible para regresar a las entregas con normalidad.

Deseando las mejores fiestas!

Equipo Azarius

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<![CDATA[Did psychedelics shape the human mind in the Stone Age?]]> http://azarius.es/news/642/Did_psychedelics_shape_the_human_mind_in_the_Stone_Age/ You'd almost think that we are the odd ones out. That us trippers knowingly poison ourselves. That we put our well-being on the line just to see some colours. And casually take the risk of jumping out of a window. Is tripping really that pointless? Is it really against human nature?

Look beyond our Western culture and the 20th century: a different image will appear. These wondrous mushrooms and plants have been growing on this planet for quite a while. And everything indicates that the use of psychedelics has meant more to humanity than all the politicians that have kept them illegal.

Let’s look back about 50,000 years. The difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom is not nearly as big as it is now. No art, no religion, no use of symbolism, little creativity. That changed drastically: one of the great mysteries of our history.

British investigative journalist Graham Hancock loves a mystery. He delved into the subject and studied prehistoric cave paintings in Spain and South Africa, made at the time of the major change in our consciousness and capabilities.

He found a striking recurring theme: images of creatures with the body of a man and the head of an animal. In nature, our predecessors can’t have seen these creatures passing by. Where did the prehistoric painters get their inspiration?

Graham Hancock makes the link with the use of psychedelic drugs. No strange thought for those familiar with tripping. Hancock visited shamans in the Amazon, which make contact with similar hybrid creatures through the use of ayahuasca.

Did our ancestors in the Stone Age munch down mushrooms? Did their psychedelic experiences contribute to the prodigious leap in communicative and creative abilities? Graham Hancock presents his case in the book Supernatural.

Maybe it's no coincidence that tryptamines fit so well on the receptors in our brains? Perhaps the use of hallucinogens is an ancient and proven method to quickly develop new insights that help advance society?

As a teen I have used shrooms purely for fun (and fun was had). As an adult the mushroom surprised me with a huge mental breakthrough. If you ask me, I think Graham is getting close to the truth.

And, looking at the world around me, I say we could use another leap in human consciousness.

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<![CDATA[Heroin test kits in smartshop]]> http://azarius.es/news/643/Heroin_test_kits_in_smartshop/ If you’ve been to Amsterdam lately, you've probably noticed the cocaine alerts all over town. The city has been in turmoil since three British tourists died. They were sold cocaine which was actually white heroin. Fourteen other users have been hospitalized with breathing problems.

For a couple of weeks the police have been searching for the dealer, but without success so far.

Last Friday about 30 smartshops in Amsterdam were supplied with heroin tests. Remarkably it’s also possible to use these tests in the smartshop and ask smartshop staff for assistance. Usually any presence of hard drugs in smartshops is strictly forbidden but in these circumstances an exception is made. The heroin tests are sold by special teams on the street as well.

A heroin test costs two euros. When heroin is present, the test ampoule will colour purple. The test won’t give any information about the identity of other substances.

When tested positive on heroin, it’s very important to immediately contact the municipal health service GGD. Remember you’ll not be arrested for the possession of hard drugs.

At Azarius we are happy that smartshops are asked to assist in harm reduction. It’s at the basis of our philosophy to provide safe alternatives to street drugs.

The test kits are available in our offline store in the Kerkstraat. So please don’t hesitate to come by and ask our staff for assistance!

The heroin test kits were developed by EZ test in consultation with VLOS, the national association for smartshop companies and GGD. The tests form an addition to the matrix boards, posters and flyers that have already been spread around town for a couple of weeks.

cocaine alert

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<![CDATA[Metilona: un análogo del MDMA]]> http://azarius.es/news/640/Metilona__un_an_logo_del_MDMA/ Arte analgica

Un anlogo es una sustancia que es muy similar en estructura a otra sustancia, pero slo un poco diferente. En farmacia, el desarrollo de anlogos es un arte. Cuando se desarrolla un nuevo medicamento el inventor solicita una patente. Esto evita que otra empresa imite la sustancia, pus si eso ocurriera el desarrollador no sera capaz de recuperar los fondos invertidos en la alta investigacin.

Est prohibida la cpia de materiales patentados. Sin embargo, una empresa puede intentar crear una sustancia que es muy similar en estructura al frmaco respectivo, pero ligeramente diferente. En algunos casos, el efecto ser casi lo mismo. Debido a que las empresas farmacuticas a menudo solicitan patentes sobre anlogos potenciales, el desafo consiste en imitar a una sustancia de tal manera que los efectos son los mismos, pero la estructura es suficientemente diferente para no ser objeto de la patente de la substancia original. Si tiene xito, el resultado se considerar una nueva sustancia. De este modo, se pueden eludir las reglas de una patente.

El desarrollo de anlogos en farmacia, donde se copian las estructuras conscientemente, es un gran negocio. Algunas compaas farmacuticas incluso funcionan enteramente basadas en la adaptacin de las frmulas existentes. Est claro que los motivos de estas empresas no siempre son puros. A menudo no estn interesados en la mejora de la medicina, slo tienen como objetivo el lucro, copiando productos de otras empresas.

De esta manera se desarrollan una gran cantidad de "nuevos" medicamentos. En los casos ms favorables, los anlogos demostraron funcionar mejor que el medicamento original. Dentro de la industria farmacutica, tambin se desarrollan anlogos en serio con el fin de aumentar la eficacia y reducir los posibles efectos secundarios de un frmaco.

Anlogos psicodlicos

Si nos fijamos en el desarrollo de los psicodlicos, vemos un movimiento comparable al de la farmacia. Se desarrollan anlogos con regularidad, por ejemplo de MDMA y anfetamina. El motivo principal es el de evitar la ley. Si tu desarrollas una nueva frmula que no est prohibida, y que parece funcionar, te puedes salir bien en la produccin de una gran cantidad y ganar buen dinero.

Las personas que trabajan en esto no siempre tienen las mejores intenciones. Lo que significa que frecuentemente se desarrollan nuevas sustancias que son mediocres y cuya seguridad est lejos de estar garantizada. Estas sustancias se convierten en pastillas y se venden como siendo, por ejemplo, XTC, pero no lo son, en absoluto. Hay todo tipo de pldoras dudosas en circulacin. Los efectos de estas sustancias son totalmente desconocidos, especialmente a largo plazo . Esta situacin exige la legalizacin: as se llevara a cabo al menos algn control.

Hroes qumicos

Por suerte, tambin existen hroes como Alexander Shulgin. Puramente por curiosidad, buscan nuevas variantes de las sustancias existentes. En su caso, el dinero juega un papel menor. En 1994 Alexander Shulgin y su colega Peyton Jacob III desarrollaron un anlogo del MDMA. Este nuevo medicamento se llama metilona.

Con frecuencia, los anlogos de sustancias que alteran la mente ya estn prohibidos antes de que hayan sido desarrollados; comparable a una empresa farmacutica que no slo solicita patente para un medicamento nuevo, pero tambin para sus anlogos estrechamente relacionados. Aunque la metiona es estructuralmente muy similar al MDMA, an no estaba prohibida. La molcula de metilona es estructuralmente idntica a la del MDMA con la excepcin de un tomo de oxgeno adicional.

El efecto parece muy similar al del MDMA. La principal diferencia es que la metilona libera menos serotonina en el cerebro, por lo que no produce el efecto excesivamente amoroso que el MDMA es conocido por tener. Por otra parte, slo funciona durante dos horas en lugar de cuatro. Sin embargo, los efectos son bastante fuertes. Sin dudas, la metilona es un intenso estimulante.


Debido a que la metilona no figuraba en la Ley del Opio, se poda vender en las tiendas holandesas. En 2004, las smartshops comenzaron a vender la droga bajo el nombre de 'Explosin'. Sin embargo, la metilona no se vendi como un estimulante, sino como un llamado "ambientador", en una solucin combinada con una fragancia. De esta manera, los propietarios de las smartshops esperaban poder vender la metilona legalmente durante un perodo de tiempo ms largo.

Obviamente, la venta de un estimulante relativamente fuerte a las claras, bajo la apariencia de ambientador, es buscar problemas. Dentro de unos meses, se introdujo una nueva ley la cual curiosamente no enumer la metilona en la Ley del Opio, sino en la Ley del Medicamento. Al mismo tiempo que no estaba en la lista de medicamentos, lo que significa que un mdico no puede recetar este medicamento. En consecuencia, la metilona desapareci de las smartshops y entr en el circuito ilegal donde todava est disponible hoy en da.

Si quieres saber ms sobre la metilona, lee el nuevo captulo sobre metilona en la Enciclopedia de Azarius.

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<![CDATA[Cannabis and cancer treatment]]> http://azarius.es/news/641/Cannabis_and_cancer_treatment/ Over the past few years scientists slowly turned their attention to the medical applications of cannabis. So far, a number of studies have shown beneficial effects of several cannabinoids on cancer and other medical conditions.

Cannabinoids make radiation more effective

Recently a new study was published in the journal 'Molecular Cancer Therapies'. Low doses of both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol ) were found to make brain cancer cells more receptive to radiation.

Mice were infected with glioma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. Subsequently, different cures were tested. A treatment of cannabinoids without radiation barely had effect. Only in combination a dramatic reduction of tumours occurred: they shrunk to one-tenth the size of those in the control group. A high dose of either THC or CBD had similar effects as a low dose of the two cannabinoids combined.

According to Dr. Wai Liu, oncologist at St. George's University of London and one of the leading authors of the study, the cannabinoids have effect by modifying the faulty signaling pathways inside these cells.

Other medical applications

A year ago the same London based research group found that a combination of six purified cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBGV and CBGVA) kills tumour cells in leukemia, a different type of cancer.

Previous studies have already shown that THC reduces the size of certain cancerous tumours, for example in lung cancer, and stops these cancer cells from spreading. THC was also found to kill brain cancer cells and to stop the spread of HIV.

CBD appeared to have a profound effect on people suffering from seizure disorders and in itself could stop the metastasis in many forms of aggressive cancer.

In an observational study with people suffering from diabetes, recent cannabis use was linked to a better blood sugar control.

Cannabis-derived medicines

So far, a couple of products containing cannabinoids have been licensed for medical use. Sativex, for example, contains an equal mixture of THC and CBD and is commercially available as a mouth spray. It's been prescribed to treat spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. Other cannabis-derived drugs Dronabinol and Nabilone are licensed for treating cancer-related side effects. Another range of cannabis-derived drugs is still under development.

Is smoking cannabis healthy?

Scientific results like these lead many to believe that smoking or vaporising cannabis is equally healthy. However, this not yet clear at all. When asked by the Huffington Post, oncologist Liu says he considers it unlikely: "Smoking cannabis introduces a number of potential problems. First, the complex makeup of cannabis that contains about 80 bioactive substances means that the desired anticancer effect may be lost because these compounds may interfere with each other.”

A second point he raises is the method of administration: “We see that delivering the drug either by injection or by a tablet would ensure the most effective doses are given. Smoking would be variable, and indeed the heat of the burning may actually destroy the useful nature of the compounds." Additionally, it’s clear that smoking any substance has many adverse effects on the lungs.

Other researchers have pointed out that dosage is critical to outcome in cancer treatment: a wrong dose can sometimes increase tumour growth.

Besides studies that point out the medical benefits of cannabis or cannabinoids, a number of studies has investigated its negative side. Cannabis is for example known to increase the heart rate and may cause birth defects when used during pregnancy. Again, smoking as method of consumption has a range of adverse effects on health.

Much research is still preliminary and (lack of) funding of these kind of studies has often been criticised. Observational studies are equally unclear as cannabis is regularly used in combination with alcohol, tobacco and other substances. Thus the exact health effects (both beneficial and harmful) of cannabis still remain unclear.


-"Marijuana Drastically Shrinks Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer, New Study Finds" Huffington Post

-"New Research Shows How Marijuana Compound Can Reduce Tumor Growth In Cancer Patients" Huffington Post

-"Marijuana Compounds Can Kill Some Cancer Cells: Study" Huffington Post

-"How cannabis was used to shrink one of the most aggressive brain cancers" The Conversation

-"Marijuana tied to better blood sugar control" Reuters

-"10 Pharmaceutical Drugs Based on Cannabis" Medical marijuana Procon

-"Adverse effects of cannabis" NCBI

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<![CDATA[Global Drug Survey 2015]]> http://azarius.es/news/639/Global_Drug_Survey_2015/ Contribute to the Global Drug Survey 2015!

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is an independent non-profit organisation that collects information on world-wide drug use. It aims to become the largest and most credible source of current drug use data trends in the world.

Most drug users are driven by pleasure and the majority does not experience their drug use as a source of harm or distress in their lives. Still, a lot of drug use remains hidden. The GDS seeks to inform the wider drug using population about their use of substances in a way that is meaningful, relevant and useful.

The GDS is also becoming an indispensable source of information for all kinds of professional groups such as researchers, policy makers and harm reduction organisations. These groups are now able to provide support, information, education and health services based upon geographical evidence data.

Last year almost 80.000 respondents took part in the GDS. Maybe you were one of them? This year the organisation aims at a response rate of 120.000. The survey has been translated into 12 languages and media partners in 19 countries have been mobilised. You can help them reach their goal by filling in the questionnaire here.

Read more about the Global Drug Survey. Last year’s findings can be found here.

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<![CDATA[Firefly: vaporizador con tecnología de punta]]> http://azarius.es/news/638/Firefly__vaporizador_con_tecnolog_a_de_punta/

Un vaporizador como nunca has visto antes. Cuando se est calentando, emite una clida luz naranja - como una lucirnaga. Su cuerpo de aluminio de 14 cm queda agradablemente clido en la mano, mientras se disfruta del vapor de sabor puro, rico y de una calidad constante.

El gadget ms reciente, salido directamente del centro de la alta tecnologa Silicon Valley, ha sido descrito como perfeccin porttil. Y no es broma. Con esto elegante dispositivo, de estilo vintage, puedes disfrutar de la primera calada en no ms de 10 segundos. Eso es tan rpido como encender un porro.


Los desarrolladores del Firefly, Sasha Robinson y Mark Williams dejaron sus carreras de gran xito y pasaron dos aos en el stano de Robinson para ofrecer al mundo este vaporizador de primera categora.

Robinson, un ex desarrollador de software en Silicon Valley y Williams, ex gerente del equipo de diseo de Apple Mac OS, se conocieron en una fiesta Burning Man. Reconociendo la necesidad de innovacin, se unieron. No para producir "slo otro vaporizador ': hicieron todo lo posible para disear slo lo mejor.


El material de la bobina de calentamiento es un secreto empresarial, pero su combinacin con una batera de iones hace posible el calentamiento instantneo, hasta los 200C! En contraste con muchos otros vaporizadores, se calienta por conveccin, produciendo un vapor muy limpio. La batera se puede cargar en 45 minutos y sirve para aproximadamente unas 50 caladas por carga.

El Firefly fue oficialmente diseado para tabaco, pero se puede llenar con todo tipo de hierbas.

Nosotros Azarianos estamos orgullosos de presentar nuestra nueva adquisicin, ahora disponible para pre-pedidos. El Firefly est disponible en gris oscuro, rojo y plata. Hace ahora tu pre-pedido!

Se garantiza la ms alta calidad con 5 aos de garanta.




Business insider


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<![CDATA[¿Depresión de otoño? ¡Tres hierbas para alegrar tu día!]]> http://azarius.es/news/637/Depresi_n_de_oto_o___Tres_hierbas_para_alegrar_tu_d_a/ A medida que los das se hacen ms cortos y oscuros, y la lluvia bate ms contra las ventanas, puede ser difcil mantener un buen estado de nimo. Te sientes un poco cansado o somnoliento ltimamente? La naturaleza te puede ayudar! Hemos seleccionado tres de nuestras hierbas mgicas que te ayudarn a combatir los sntomas de la depresin de otoo.

Galangal (Alpinia officinarum)

Tos y estornudos todo el rato? Al lo mejor sabes que el clsico t jengibre-limn (con mucha miel!) puede aliviar el problema. El Galangal, que es de la familia de la planta de jengibre, se puede utilizar tambin, como una muy buena adicin o alternativa.

Las races de esta planta, autctona de China y Java, funcionan igual de bien en la garganta y tienen un efecto estimulante. Galangal beneficia a la circulacin de la sangre y tambin el sistema nervioso central y el enfoque mental y por eso mejora la memoria. Debido a que aumenta la vitalidad, a veces se utiliza como estimulante sexual. En dosis ms altas (o al masticar los trozos por un tiempo), el Galangal tiene un ligero efecto psicoactivo. Tiene un agradable sabor, y por eso se utiliza mucho en la cocina asitica .

Hierba de San Juan (Hypericum perforatum)

Pensamientos sombros? La Hierba de San Juan es uno de los remedios herbales ms antiguos que se conocen para tratar la depresin. Se ha utilizado para tratar trastornos mentales, dolores nerviosas, ansiedad y problemas de sueo. Se puede beber un t hecho con 1 - 2 cucharaditas de la hierba, 3 veces al da. Notars un efecto inmediato sobre tu estado de nimo: incluso detrs de las ms pesadas nubes de lluvia, el sol brillar de nuevo!

Si sufres de una depresin severa, consulta a tu mdico antes de empezar cualquier auto-medicacin. Siempre de debe consultar a un mdico cuando se quiere combinar la Hierba de San Juan con otros medicamentos. Esta hierba no debe ser combinada con antidepresivos o con ciertas pldoras anticonceptivas. Lee ms sobre la Hierba de San Juan.

Pasionaria (Passiflora incarnata)

Te encuentras inmerso en trabajo ahora que la vida al aire libre parece menos atractivo? No dejes que el estrs se apodere de ti! mezcla un poco de Pasionaria en polvo con yogur, jugo o agua, o hace un t, para un efecto calmante en general. La Pasionaria te ayudar a cambiar el estrs por un estado de nimo suave. La hierba tambin funciona muy bien contra los problemas de sueo. En cantidades ms grandes, tiene un efecto alucingeno ligero.

La Pasionaria tambin se puede mezclar con otras hierbas como la Valeriana, Camomila, Damiana, Escutelaria (Skullcap) y Lpulo. Hay que tener cuidado pues la Pasionaria es un inhibidor de la MAO y no se debe combinar con antidepresivos, otros SSRIs como la Kanna y sustancias como las anfetaminas. Tambin nunca se debe utilizar durante el embarazo.

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<![CDATA[Feed your head: two inspiring trippers that podcast]]> http://azarius.es/news/636/Feed_your_head__two_inspiring_trippers_that_podcast/ Your trip does not appear out of thin air. It might be a mind-blowing experience, but it’s ignited by your own mind. Your expectations shape your trip. And you can shape expectations. Feed your head, they say. Here’s two inspiring podcasts to munch on.

Joe Rogan

You might know him. From television, as the host of Fear Factor. From martial arts, as a UFC commentator. Most likely, you've seen him in documentaries for our kind of people – DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Marijuana: A Chronic History and The Culture High, recently released on Vimeo on demand.

In the US, Joe Rogan is a contemporary icon of conscious drug use. A chronic toker and a busy bee (in addition to all of the above, Joe is also a stand-up comedian). A proponent of a healthy lifestyle that consists of a good diet, plenty of exercise and deep tripping.

On his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, all aspects of his personality get plenty of room to shine. The atmosphere and the subjects of an episode depend largely on who he's talking to. But whoever is across his table, Joe Rogan proves himself an inspiring 'motherfucker' on a regular basis.

Duncan Trussell

He’s a regular guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. And Joe is a regular guest on his. Fellow comedian Duncan Trussell brings a lot of philosophical and spiritual baggage. He meditates, goes to Buddhist retreats, quotes Dostojevski and chants Hare Krishna.

His own podcast is called The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. With each episode, Duncan takes you along on his crazy journey to find truth. Where his buddy Joe seems to have his life in perfect order, Duncan will also share his fuck-ups and dark moments.

Lately he's had a couple of spiritual icons on his podcast, such as Jack Kornfield, a former Buddhist monk, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, writer and meditation teacher. If you are looking to go deep… get your spade and dig in.

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