<![CDATA[Azarius News]]> http://azarius.es/news/ The Very Advanced, Utterly Cool, Super Duper Azarius RSS Generator v2.34.445 info@azarius.net (azarius.net) <![CDATA[Coming out of the Green Closet]]> http://azarius.es/news/696/Coming_out_of_the_Green_Closet/ In many environments cannabis has a bad reputation, mainly because itís illegal. At work people donít dare to tell they smoke a joint once in a while. Between parents and children itís a huge taboo as well. Strange, when you consider the fact that cannabis is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco Ė substances that are socially accepted and legal.

Keeping quiet about your own use maintains the stigma. Right now, itís time to turn the tide. All over the world cannabis awareness campaigns are being launched. In the Netherlands there is Cannabis Aangenaam. In the US Coming out Green and We are the Marijhuana Majority. These initiatives are inspired by hopeful developments in the US and Uruguay, countries that recently (partially) legalised cannabis use.

Stop the War on Drugs

Also relevant in this respect is the international campaign Breaking the Taboo that questions the War on Drugs. The initiators protest against the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, that according to them causes lots of suffering.

The treaty, signed by 185 countries, should be abolished or at least changed to make better drug policies possible. An impressive list of influential persons Ė amongst whom (former) presidents, artists and scientists Ė already signed the petition.

Cannabis Aangenaam

The Dutch campaign - literally ĎCannabis, pleased to meet youí - shows short movies of well-known (and less well-known) Dutch citizens who are īcoming out of the closetí regarding their cannabis use. They tell about their relationship with the plant and their ideas about regulation. Inspired? Cannabis Aangenaam Team still searches for more contributions...

Who went before you? Alternet created a list of the 50 most influential cannabis users: Most influential marijuana users.

Watch the movie of ĎComing out Greení:

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<![CDATA[A trip in a capsule]]> http://azarius.es/news/695/A_trip_in_a_capsule/ Usually a good trip requires some effort and cumbersome preparations. You have to cultivate, harvest, crunch, beat, squeeze, grind, boil, pour and filter not the least dubious of plant materials. And then, most of the time, the result doesnít even taste well! Ever dried to drink some cactus juice?

If you think thatís all too much of a hassle, but still want to embark on one of those marvellous mind-bending journeys... donít be sad! Thereís an easy-peasy sneaky way out.

We did some of the hard preparation work for you and put the results in a capsule. Easy to swallow and easy to dose. Our assortment contains more, but for now we want to highlight the following three psychedelic caps:



The name Trip-E says it all. Let the wave carry you higher and higher. Be one with the universe. Be in a state of blissÖ

Trip-E contains Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (a source of LSA) and a bit of guarana for an extra energizing effect. Do not take more than 1 capsule per day and be patient: it might take a while before the effects kick in. The total effect usually lasts up to 8 hours.



Utopia opens the doors to a higher world, with colourful visuals and dreamy sensations. It induces both relaxation and smooth psychedelic feelings; these synergistic effects make the trip an altogether pleasant experience.

Utopia contains a potent combination of kratom extract and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (LSA) and is intended for psychonauts that take tripping seriously.

Druids Fantasy

Druids Fantasy

A combination of Morning Glory (another source of LSA) and taurine will lead you off to far away mystical worlds. Each pack of Druids Fantasy contains 6 capsules of 800 mg each. Donít take more than two capsules at the time and see how they take effect on you.

Pure nature

Although it comes in the form of a capsule, all active ingredients are 100% natural.

Trip responsibly

Remember that tripping on psychedelics can be a very powerful, overwhelming experience. Always be mindful of dosage and use wisely.

Bon voyage!

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<![CDATA[Azarius experiences: my third ayahuasca ceremony]]> http://azarius.es/news/693/Azarius_experiences__my_third_ayahuasca_ceremony/ In the series ĎAzarius experiences', one of the indomitable Azarius employees shares his or her experience with a psychoactive substance or product related to psychonaut or stoner culture. In today's episode, ayahuasca, part three:

As my first two ayahuasca experiences (see here and here) didnít turn out so well Ė mainly because of lacking supervision and poor accommodation Ė I decided to choose a different setting this time. A ceremony known for its beautiful music was about to take place in Amsterdam. The shaman even specialised in sound healings. That sounded pretty good to me.

Stay in the circle

Everyone was supposed to stay seated within the circle during the ceremony. In this way we would generate a healing energy together. There were three guides present, who would keep an eye on the participants. Clearly, this was a very different environment than Iíd met during my previous adventures.

The ceremony begins. All participants drink ayahuasca. Then the singing starts: itís truly beautiful. The wonderful music however, doesnít prevent me from becoming extremely ill in about half an hour. Much more ill than previous times. Stumbling, I try to make my way to the toilet. But half-way everything becomes black before my eyes and I collapse.

Immediately I feel the hands of one of the caregivers on my back. She helps me rise and assists me to the toilet. Afterwards I sit down in the circle again. Only now the circle seems to be filled with energy. It shakes me up nauseatingly. It seems I canít stand the circle, so I try to sneak out. In a corner I wrap myself up, thatís how sick I feel.


But again there is a caregiver who says to me: ďYou need to go back to the circle, we need you there.Ē I sigh deeply and stumble my way back. I decided to sit straight up on my mattress, hoping it will make me feel less ill. Suddenly my legs take butterfly position, automatically I grab my feet. On the rhythm of the music my legs start to move up and down very rapidly. Itís a bit like shamans sometimes do when theyíre in a deep trance. I bounce up and down like crazy. Everything in my body shakes: as if all cells in my body are put in vibration in order to get rid of old pains and toxins. Even my lower jaw chatters on the rhythm of the music. You can feel the vibrations throughout the circle.

Surprised but smiling, I look at the shaman. He nods to me suggesting I just let it go. At a certain moment I bounce so violently I seem to levitate, separating from the floor. The strange thing is that itís no effort at all: it seems the vibrations originate in the music and the energy of the circle.


Certainly, I made some more psychedelic journeys during my life, but an intense bodily response like this Ė in which I seem to have powers that I donít have when sober Ė Iíve never experienced before. After shaking for about ten minutes I calm down. A terrific trip starts, in which I descend in the spiral of life, to the source of our existence Ė which is unmistakably feminine. Itís very nice to be there for a while. Then I come back again.

This experience exceeds all other psychedelic experiences and was definitely worth the effort. It was also very pleasant to have good guidance: no unnecessary luxury!

Written by: Sofie

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<![CDATA[Welcome to our new Vapelab]]> http://azarius.es/news/692/Welcome_to_our_new_Vapelab/ Vapelab Azarius

As announced before weíre very happy with our newly refurnished offline store in Amsterdam. And we hope you already had the chance to take a look!

What we didnít discuss in detail before (we prefer to not play all our cards at once.. okay no, kidding, we just didnít have a proper picture yet) is the new Vapelab!

A unique feature in Amsterdam, and maybe in the rest of the world. In the back of our cute little store itís possible to test and try out our vaporizers yourself. The only thing you need to bring is a bunch of herbs. Weíre happy to demonstrate the different models.

For now we made a small preview selection:


De Verdamper Vapelab Azarius

De Verdamper

Would you like to have this beauty at home? The combination of a bong and a vaporizer gives a very pure and activating effect.

Volcano Vapelab Azarius


The all-time-favourite with our customers. Fill the balloon with a large quantity at once and pass around. Success guaranteed.


Flowermates Vapelab Azarius


Are you new to vaporising? The Flowermate is extremely user-friendly and does exactly what you want. The original model Flowermate V5.0 has just one temperature level (190įC). Want a bit more flexibility? Opt for the Flowermate V5.0S (3 temperature settings). Or go for complete freedom (set temperature by degree up to 230įC) with our newest assets: the Flowermate V5.0 Pro.

Storm Vapelab Azarius


The pen that makes all other pens superfluous. Easy grip, compact design, 5 temperature settings up to 220įC. And most importantly: suitable for herbs, resins and oils.


Muad-Dib Vapelab Azarius


When dabbing becomes an art. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans from California, this member of the Magic-Flight family is especially designed for vaporizing concentrates like shatter and oils.

Curious to try yourself? Stop by at Kerkstraat 119 in Amsterdam!

Vapelab Azarius

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<![CDATA[The War on Drugs goes against nature]]> http://azarius.es/news/691/The_War_on_Drugs_goes_against_nature/ When you ask people in the streets whether they agree with the prohibition of narcotics, many of them will say they do. However, the question is if a Ďdrug-free worldí- as the United Nations propagate Ė would be a realistic aim.

Animals use substances too

Letís start with the fact that human beings arenít the only ones who wish to alter their state of consciousness from time to time. A couple of weeks ago we already published an article in which eleven animals were listed that like to get high. Apparently use of psychoactive substances isnít just a human affair.

Even kids like to change their minds

When we look at children, we observe that they as well have a tendency to investigate how to alter their state of mind. Donít you remember yourself as a kid, spinning around and around to get a head rush? Didnít you marvel at the effects?

The use of substances was quite ordinary in many ancient cultures

Next to children and animals a lot of ancient cultures embraced the use of substances. In ancient China for example, coca was cultivated. Once a year the ancient Greeks held a gathering at which a psychoactive brew was consumed. The drink was made from ergot, a fungal parasite of the barley or rye grain that contains LSA. Up to the present day, the indigenous people from the Amazon use a wide variety of psychoactive plants.

In the Netherlands a Germanic shamanistic culture existed around the start of the millennium. Here psychoactive plants were used as well. In their turn the Celts were using opium. Many of those traditions were abolished with the rise of Christianity. Christians believed thereís only one way to God: through prayer. Therefore psychoactive substances were prohibited.

Eleusian mysteries War on Drugs

Only ten percent of users have a problem with their substance

The use of drugs is a natural need. According to the American professor Siegel it is, next to food, drink and sex, the fourth drive of human being. He claims every human being has an innate need to investigate altered states of consciousness.

Just because of recurrent propaganda we came to believe that all drugs use are bad. You wouldnít believe the source, but a study of the United Nations Office on Drug Control, the largest organisation behind the War on Drugs, says only ten percent of drug users experiences problems. The other ninety percent thus uses substances without harming anyone, not even themselves. Obviously itís still interesting to question why those ten percent do have problems. Maybe we can find the answer in the animal world as well...

Mongoose War on Drugs

How drug problems come into being

As described earlier, the mongoose only became interested in eating morning glory when he was sad: he wanted to escape his feelings. Therefore we can say the use of substances has two different reasons: curiosity or escaping reality.

It may be clear that drug problems mainly exist in the group of users that has the tendency to escape. If those people canít stand ordinary life, this tendency wonít cease to exist. Do we want to solve problems with drugs, then we have to take into account the underlying causes and ask ourselves why it is that someone doesnít know how to limit himself.

To prohibit substances altogether wouldnít work. Itís actually ridiculous, as itís a natural need (as is shown by professor Siegelís investigations). A large group of people therefore will keep searching for alternatives and even break the law for it. Indeed, you cannot stop eating and drinking either.


-Why animals eat psychoactive plants - Boingboing.net.

Written by: Sofie

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<![CDATA[Altered states of cooking: kratom shake]]> http://azarius.es/news/688/Altered_states_of_cooking__kratom_shake/ Obviously, most herbs and smart products in our assortment already have a delicious taste. But creative spirits like to indulge themselves, donít they? Get some new inspiration from our consciousness expanding recipes. Today: kratom shake.

Kratom shake

Kratom is a herb that has a slightly stimulating effect in low doses (less than 5 gram) and a more opium-like effect in high doses (5 gram or more).

Kratom is often consumed as a tea, but unfortunately the taste is not optimal. More importantly: the main active ingredient in kratom, mitragynine, doesnít dissolve well in water. It dissolves better in fat. Therefore Azarius developed a recipe especially for the kratom enthusiast. On the one hand it masks the taste of kratom, on the other hand it guarantees maximum solubility.

What do you need?

  • Blender
  • Cheesecloth (or fine sieve)
  • Small pan

Kratom shake

Ingredients for two kratom shakes

  • 2.5 to 10 grams kratom
  • 250 ml coconut milk
  • 2 bananas
  • 150 grams frozen blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons cacao (masking the bitter taste Šnd adding an extra stimulant effect to your shake)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar, agave syrup or other sweetener
  • ľ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ľ teaspoon vanilla powder (may also be vanilla sugar)

Kratom shake

Kratom shake preparation

  • Add the coconut milk and the kratom together in a pan and boil shortly.
  • Wait until cooled down.
  • Pour the mixture in a cheesecloth that you put on top of the bowl of the blender.
  • Squeeze well, so that your output is maximum.
  • You catch the kratom milk in the bowl of the blender.
  • The plant material can be thrown away.
  • Add all other ingredients to the milk and blend well.

Kratom shake

You'll still slightly taste the kratom, but in this combination itís an excellent drink. Obviously, the strength of the taste is dependent on the amount of kratom that you add.

With this shake youíre assured of a delightful trip. If you wanna go really deep, you can also drink both shakes, but be careful: the trip may become very intense! Never underestimate the effects of kratom. It may be a better idea to share the second shake with a friend.

Stages of the kratom experience

Be aware that you also consume a lot of food with this kratom shake. Therefore it will take a while before the maximum effect kicks in. With a high dose of kratom you will feel euphoric and stimulated (wanting to undertake all kinds of activities) in about 10 minutes. It feels a bit like being stoned, but without the tiredness.

In time your body will absorb more kratom and the opium effect will come to prevail. After a while you may want to lie down and you will experience the most wonderful dreams. Even for the seasoned psychonaut itís a remarkable sensation to travel along the different mood stages that kratom evokes.

Kratom shake

Written by: Sofie

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<![CDATA[Sede de Azarius cerrada en el Dia de La Ascensiůn]]> http://azarius.es/news/526/Sede_de_Azarius_cerrada_en_el_Dia_de_La_Ascensi_n/
Esto significa que nuestra base secreta en el lado obscuro de la Luna quedar cerrada y no estaremos enviando paquetes o contestando a las llamadas y correos electrnicos durante un da. Pero no dejes que eso te detenga de pedir las cosas con las cuales llegars a un plano superior de la existencia. Por favor ten en cuenta que nuestra tienda en la Kerkstraat, en Amsterdam, estar tambin cerrada.

Volveremos el Viernes con toda la fuerza y amor que solo Azarius sabe difundir!

- Equipo Azarius]]>
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<![CDATA[Kratom: a powerful adventure]]> http://azarius.es/news/685/Kratom__a_powerful_adventure/ Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is one of the most interesting, magical and potent herbs on the Azarius website. Its popularity is growing rapidly, especially over the last few years.

Traditionally, kratom was mainly used by men in Thailand and Malaysia. They smoked it, drank it or chewed on the leaves to achieve the desired effects.

The concentration of the 25 alkaloids found in kratom varies per region. The strain that grows in Thailand is more energetic because of the higher mitragynine content, while kratom from Malaysia and Indonesia works more as a muscle relaxer.

Malaysia kratom powder

Effects of kratom

The effects of kratom can be categorized in four separated states. Kratom stimulates, increases euphoria, works as a painkiller and in higher doses also has sedating qualities.

1. Stimulation (Mild effects with small dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 2 - 5 grams)

Most kratom users will recognize the most sought after effect of kratom; the stimulating effect. At this level the mind is more alert and physical energy is increased. This effect can be compared to drinking a large black coffee, but the stimulation remains a lot longer.

2. Euphoria (Medium effects with dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 5 - 15 grams)

Kratom has the ability to brighten your mood. It makes physical activity easier and explorers of kratom confirm that it provides a comfortable feeling of well-being. Even the day after youíve used it, a nice afterglow can be experienced. Listening to music becomes more intense and the gap between dream world and reality narrows. Itís important not to use too much kratom as you quickly become tolerant to the effects.

3. Sedative (Strong effects with dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 10 - 15 grams)

Because of its muscle relaxing properties kratom can also be used as a sedative. This effect makes kratom especially interesting for medicinal use. Much more research has to be done to conclude which alkaloids cause this beneficial effect. Sadly, due to the illegal status of kratom in its countries of origin, this opportunity has yet to come.

4. Sedating (Very strong effects with high dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 15 - 25 grams)

The sedating effects of kratom are only apparent when a large dosage is consumed. A warm glow, slightly changing colours and an altered state of being will be noticeable. It feels like time passes you by quickly. In high dosages kratom reaches out for the Ķ-opioid receptor and can have great medicinal value to those trying to break a habit. The effects last for six hours and leave a calming and satisfying cloud of feelings.

Malaysia kratom herbs

Kratom at Azarius

Azarius offers a wide range of kratom leaves, powder and extracts. Extracts are made with water or alcohol. The advantage of extracts is the fact that you don't consume a lot of Ďuselessí plant material, which makes digestion and intake much easier. Aside from extracts, there are more and more preparation-free drinks available with kratom.

Currently we also offer Mitragyna hirsuta and Mitragyna javanica, which are related to Mitragyna speciosa but are not yet well-known. The calming effects of Javanica and the sleep-inducing effects of Hirsuta are extremely interesting for adventuring explorers of the mind.

Azarius magazine

Did you like this article? Itís a shortened version of one of the texts in our lovely Azarius magazine. Not received yet? We still have a couple left, they will be included with every package!

Azarius magazine

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<![CDATA[Psychedelics at Dutch universities]]> http://azarius.es/news/687/Psychedelics_at_Dutch_universities/ This month two Dutch universities pay attention to psychedelics.

Symposium - Academic research on psychedelics

Thursday 7 May student association Brainwave (neurosciences) organises a symposium in Utrecht about academic research on psychedelic drugs.

Speakers are Leon Kenemans, professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Utrecht, Joost Breeksema, president of the OPEN foundation, and Mendel Kaelen, neuroscientist at Imperial College London.

The symposium focuses on the brain mechanisms of psychedelic substances and the relevance of contemporary research on psychedelics.

Lecture - Therapeutic and mystical potential of psychedelics

On Monday 18 May Joost Breeksema will also give a lecture at the University of Groningen on the therapeutic and mystical potential of psychedelics.

More information on both events can be found on the website of Stichting OPEN, that stimulates academic research into psychedelics.

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<![CDATA[5 May - Liberation Day]]> http://azarius.es/news/689/5_May_-_Liberation_Day/ 5 May is Liberation Day in the Netherlands. At Azarius we love freedom and we think itís important to celebrate. But real freedom could be so much more than absence of war. How about freedom of consciousness, for example? Or the freedom to cultivate plants that occur in nature?

Slight delivery delay

Please take note! At Liberation Day we'll be toiling away, but the post services have all taken a day off. If you ordered a package, it will most likely take an extra day to deliver.

We can be contacted by phone and email within the regular hours.


Are you one of the lucky ones that has a day off? (Are you maybe working at the post service?) Celebrate that freedom!

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