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‘Huachuma’ is the indigenous name for what we know as san pedro. In Peru the mescaline-containing cactus is used for over 3000 years for healing, magical and divining purposes.

When registering by email you can stream the documentary for free. For $1.95 you can also download it.


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<![CDATA[Plant a vine today]]> http://azarius.es/news/627/Plant_a_vine_today/ Travelled all the way to the Amazon in search for the magic potion ayahuasca? Then you don’t want to be misled by a fake shaman! Likewise, increased global demand of the sacred vine shouldn’t lead to over-harvesting and deforestation.

With these ideas in mind this year the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council (ESC) was established. Supported by sister organisations ICEERS, MAPS and PRISM, ESC’s main aim is ‘to ensure the sustainable and safe use of ethnobotanical plants and to enrich the communities who work with them.’

Their first large project is called the ‘Ayahuasca Dialogues’, as the situation around this ethnobotanical plant is most pressing. The dialogues are a large scale project in which all possible stakeholders (e.g. indigenous practitioners, healers, policy-makers, scientists, centre owners and tourists) are approached and asked to collaborate on the formulation of basic guidelines for safe and sustainable ayahuasca use.

Want to support the ESC? They recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. With a donation of $ 20 an ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi) will be planted in a fair-trade and sustainable ayahuasca farm. There are also many other donation possibilities.

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<![CDATA[No sentence for principled cannabis growers]]> http://azarius.es/news/628/No_sentence_for_principled_cannabis_growers/ Two Dutch cannabis growers were acquitted by the court. They were found guilty for growing cannabis, but as they kept to all ordinary business rules and did not cause any nuisance to their environment, the judge decided not to punish them.

The two, a man and woman from Groningen, have grown cannabis for a long time and were sentenced several times before. They only grow biologically - they don’t use any pesticides and they pay their high electricity bills. They only supply coffeeshops that have been approved of by the municipality. Furthermore they have always been open about their business: they keep an administration and pay their taxes, like any other business would.

The growers argue that the Dutch cannabis policy isn’t clear and should be changed. To a large extent the judge agreed: "The sale of cannabis in coffeeshops is tolerated, which implies the shops need to be supplied, and to make supply possible there should be cultivation as well."

Dutch cannabis policy is indeed a bit weird: the sale of cannabis in coffeeshops is tolerated, though the cultivation is forbidden. A month earlier Senator Guusje ter Horst already pleaded for experiments with legal cannabis cultivation. Ruling minister of Justice, Ivo Opstelten, says he doesn’t see any reason to change the policy.

Good news for the growers couple from Groningen, though their victory is not yet secured: the Public Prosecutor announced they will appeal against the ruling.

Source: Nu.nl. (Dutch)

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<![CDATA[Happier with Caps Lock Day]]> http://azarius.es/news/630/Happier_with_Caps_Lock_Day/ Today, October 22, is a very special day. It's International Caps Lock Day and Azarius is joining in on the fun. If you're viewing our website on this most joyous of holidays, then you'll see (almost) every word in big, beautiful and hilariously unserene CAPITAL LETTERS.

But why?

Because dark autumn clouds are sweeping over Amsterdam and we're all horribly depressed and eager to grab any and all excuse for a celebration in these windy, rainy times.

The result seems to hilariously broken pages as the extra space required for bigger letters is too much for our layout to handle. We're not even sure if you can properly log in to your Azarius account (passwords are case sensitive), much less complete a purchase. But that's okay, because that's all part of the holiday spirit.

Don't worry though. It's only for one day.


About Caps Lock Day

The origin of International Caps Lock Day.

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<![CDATA[No, cannabis isn’t as addictive as heroin]]> http://azarius.es/news/626/No_cannabis_isn_t_as_addictive_as_heroin/ Maybe you noticed the fuss last week: The Daily Mail ran an article on the front page called The terrible truth about cannabis, suggesting that cannabis is equally addictive as heroin.

The article discussed a research paper written by Wayne Hall, who works as an adviser for the World Health Organisation. The paper doesn’t present new research but is a review of 20 years of cannabis research.

A more balanced description and analysis of the paper can be found here.

When studied closely there indeed appear to be some adverse effects related to cannabis smoking. Still, many of the findings are preliminary or should be studied more in depth to control for confounding variables.

How about the addiction claim? Hall writes that 9% of those who ever use cannabis develop dependency. (So 91% doesn’t.) Though, the risk of addiction is higher in teens: about one in six (17%).

Compared with other drugs: 32% of nicotine users develop dependency, for alcohol this is 15%, 11% for stimulants and 23% for heroin.

Heavy smokers may encounter withdrawal symptoms - like anxiety, insomnia, appetite disturbance and depression - when they want to quit. However: “the adverse health and social consequences of cannabis use reported by cannabis users who seek treatment for dependence appear to be less severe than those reported by alcohol and opioid-dependent people," Hall writes.

So no; cannabis is definitely not as addictive as heroin.

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<![CDATA[El primero vaporizador inteligente del mundo]]> http://azarius.es/news/625/El_primero_vaporizador_inteligente_del_mundo/ Ahora que dependemos de nuestros smartphones para casi todo, es de esperar que pronto los dems dispositivos sean tambin inteligentes. Como podrs haber adivinado, esto fue lo que pas con nuestro querido vaporizador.

El Vaporizador Elevape Smart, desarrollado por IPuff USA, es el primero y nico vaporizador inteligente del mundo.

Qu es lo que hace este vaporizador ser tan inteligente?p>

Se activa con la inhalacin
El Elevape SV se enciende a si mismo cuando empiezas a inhalar. En lugar de un botn de encender / apagar, hay un microprocesador avanzado que detecta y controla la relacin de flujo de aire para calor. No hay tiempo de calentamiento: permite vaporizar instantneamente. Adems, este sistema aumenta significativamente la duracin y eficiencia de la pila.

Una software app
Esta app, que fue desarrollada exclusivamente para el Elevape SV, te permite ajustar tus propias preferencias de temperatura y verificar lo estado de la pila y estadsticas de utilizacin de un vistazo.

El nico vaporizador inteligente del mundo (por ahora)

Hoy en da, el Elevape SV es el nico vaporizador inteligente del mundo. Pero eso probablemente no va a durar mucho. Pronto otros fabricantes probablemente lanzarn sus propios vaporizadores inteligentes. Una perspectiva positiva, porque el Elevape es muy fcil de usar y no ha quedado desapercibido. Lo ms probable es que en el mundo de los vaporizadores pronto haya una batalla tecnolgica entre principales competidores, en la misma manera que Google y Apple.

Cada vez ms vaporizadores

Los vaporizadores han ganado popularidad en los ltimos cinco aos. En esos aos, el mercado se ha expandido significativamente: queda difcil eligir entre los numerosos vaporizadores porttiles, vaporizadores de sobremesa y vaporizadores-bolgrafo. Cada vez ms tecnologa est siendo utilizada. Esto ha hecho los vaporizadores ms fciles de manejar y usar. Vaporizar hierbas y lquidos es ahora mucho ms eficiente, y la duracin de las pilas/bateras ha aumentado enormemente.

La pregunta: cual es el mejor vaporizador? nunca ha sido tan imposible de contestar. Todo depende de como y onde quieres vaporizar (en casa, fuera, con amigos o slo), con qu frecuencia (cada hora, cada da, una vez por semana) y tu presupuesto.

Quieres leer ms acerca de la vaporizacin?

Echa un vistazo a nuestros artculos de la enciclopedia:

Qu es un vaporizador?
Marihuana mdica
Las mejores temperaturas para vaporizar hierbas

Echa un vistazo al Vaporizador Elevape Smart

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<![CDATA[Dutch cannabis policy getting more restrictive]]> http://azarius.es/news/624/Dutch_cannabis_policy_getting_more_restrictive/ While the United States face a wave of cannabis legalisation, Dutch cannabis lovers are getting more and more constrained by the government.

VICE-journalist Thijs Roes describes (in Dutch) some of the laws that are currently in the making. Because it concerns long-term projects, there's been little media attention and not many people are aware of these developments - though once the laws will be enforced they'll have major consequences.

What rules are we talking about?

1) Zero-tolerance for participating in traffic after use of more than one substance.

Of course it’s not wise to drive under influence, everyone knows that. You still get behind the wheel? Then you might be punished. This new law is about the combined use of more than one substance. When caught, you risk up to 3 months in prison or a fine 8100 euros maximum. Because THC stays in the blood for a prolonged period of time, this rule is mainly hazardous for cannabis users. Even if you drink only one glass...

The law has already been approved, only the allowed concentrations have yet to be determined.

2) Cannabis with more than 15% THC is considered a hard drug.

The 15% limit is quite arbitrary and moreover, it’s quite difficult to measure, as not all buds of the same plant contain the same concentration of cannabinoids. In addition, this law completely overlooks the fact that the effect of cannabis is not only dependent on THC level, but rather on the interaction between different cannabinoids. (More on this can be read in another Dutch article of the same author.) Yet growing a cannabis plant with a higher THC concentration will soon fall in the same juridical category as setting up a GHB laboratory.

3) Growshop prohibition.

Producing drugs (including cannabis) is already illegal, but assisting in the production, for example by selling compost, light bulbs or lending your car, will soon be equally punishable. If an employee of a garden centre or smartshop has any 'reasonable suspicion' that their goods are going to be used for growing cannabis, then they’ll have a problem. The bill is still pending, but it’s already known that a majority of the Senate and the House of Representatives agree, so the law is surely coming.


In the meantime there has been a hearing in parliament in which the unfeasibility of the 15% THC-rule was discussed. Even if the law would be implemented it's unlikely it will be maintained by police and the judiciary.

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<![CDATA[What can we learn from the Amazonian master trippers?]]> http://azarius.es/news/623/What_can_we_learn_from_the_Amazonian_master_trippers/ When it comes to the use of psychedelic substances, the people here in the west are absolute rookies. In the special September edition of The Psychologist, Vaughan Bell takes an in depth look at cultures that can tutor us. His article, titled cultures of chemically induced hallucinations, provides an interesting eye-opener.

Expectations shape your trip

What are your expectations going into a trip? This appears to be a decisive factor for the experience you are going to have (see also: set and setting). And the expectations you bring are largely shaped by your environment. In cultures where the use of psychoactive plants plays a natural role, expectations are formed in a social setting - through rituals, from person to person.

The article focuses on a number of tribes living in the Amazon. If we are in kindergarten, they are going for their umpteenth master. All of these tribes use ayahuasca, but do so for different reasons and through different rituals. With this, their psychedelic experiences also vary, a phenomenon that underlines the influence of expectations.

  • Cashinahua: ayahuasca brings hallucinations that give direction to life.
  • Aguarana: ayahuasca provides the insight to understand the future and give the ability to shape it.
  • Siona: ayahuasca acts as a gateway to an alternate reality.
  • Schuar: ayahuasca acts as a gateway to the true reality.

The conclusion of clinical psychologist Vaughan Bell, author of the article, is that the effect of hallucinogens can only be fully interpreted within the cultural context of the user.

The cultural baggage of westerners

What about our cultural context? Here in the west big entertainment plays a decisive role in shaping our expectations. As a teenager growing up, you will already have a lot of baggage. In general, these are not the most uplifting ideas.

The picture sketched by mainstream movies and television is often limited to clichs. The use of drugs invariably takes place in a party setting, where users dont spent a moment thinking about tomorrow, and focus purely on hedonistic pleasure.

Fortunately for us here in the Netherlands there is room for informative programming aimed at a young audience like Spuiten & Slikken - despite a repressive government. What its really like on mainstream broadcasting in other Western countries, we dont know. Please fill us in and leave a comment!

Of course a curious person will hit the internet. The result we stumble upon in the Netherlands arent that bad. Obviously there are the sites of institutions that lean against the government that focus almost exclusively on the risks. But pretty quickly youll find websites that paint a more nuanced picture. However; not a word on the wonderful properties of people from the Amazon.

Curiosity is rewarded

Ignorance limits the potential of hallucinogens. Its of great importance that theres more and more attention to the many interesting facets of the psychedelic experience. Be curious and read up!

Vaughan Bell gives positive mentions to sites like Erowid and Bluelight, specifically set up to share tripping information and experiences. We would like to include new initiatives like reset.me, as well as the recently launched organization The Psychedelic Society, which manages an informative website and organizes seminars.

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<![CDATA[Más que una pastilla no te hace un criminal]]> http://azarius.es/news/622/M_s_que_una_pastilla_no_te_hace_un_criminal/ Imagnate ser atrapado en la cola para una fiesta o festival con una pastilla en el bolsillo. Durante el festival Lowlands, en los Pases Bajos, el Ministerio Pblico (OM) ha organizado un control especial de drogas: ms de un centenar de visitantes del festival tuvieron problemas. Ellos enfrentaron a esta eleccin: pagar una multa en el momento o esperar a un abogado.

Los ritmos del festival atractivamente sonando en el fondo, qu haras tu? La mayora de la gente eligi la primera opcin, sin saber que esto significaba tambin firmar un registro de antecedentes penales.Una sorpresa nada agradable, principalmente porque teniendo un registro de antecedentes criminales es muy difcil conseguir un certificado de buena conducta, que es necesario obtener en los Pases Bajos en ciertos campos profesionales. Con un registro de antecedentes criminales no puedes trabajar en el gobierno, empresas de seguridad o de mensajera, por ejemplo.

Est establecido un limite de 5 gramos para las drogas blandas. Y, de drogas duras, no se puede llevar ms la cantidad para una dosis individual, que ha sido establecida como una pastilla o medio gramo. Llevas ms en el bolsillo? Eso te puede costar tu carrera.

Exagerado? La compaa de emisiones BNN tambin lo cree. El programa de televisin Spuiten en Slikken de BNN ha empezado una peticin. Con 40,000 firmas, pueden presentar una propuesta al Parlamento con el fin de cambiar la ley. El objetivo: no ms castigos desproporcionados a los pequeos usuarios.

Puedes firmar la peticin aqu.

P.S. Desafortunadamente, la peticin slo puede ser firmada por ciudadanos holandeses. Rellena tus datos lo ms completo posible, en contrario tu firma no ser vlida!

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<![CDATA["Que se joda, yo me voy" ]]> http://azarius.es/news/621/Que_se_joda_yo_me_voy/

Este acto recuerda la periodista americana Amber Lyon que a principios de este ao se despidi de su larga carrera en CNN para iniciar un sitio web sobre psicodlicos: reset.me.

El club de Charlo Greene es el nico sitio en Alaska donde se puede comprar cannabis. Todava sigue siendo un club privado para usuarios de cannabis mdico, pero esta situacin puede cambiar en el futuro cercano. El 4 de noviembre, Alaska votar sobre la legalizacin de la marihuana. Greene espera transformar su club de cannabis en un punto de venta inclusivo.]]>
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